Thrive Cat Food Review 2024

Thrive Cat Food Review

Thrive is a company that specializes in making high-quality cat and dog food from natural ingredients. Their recipes are created to provide cats and dogs with the nutrients they require to thrive and stay healthy.

Thrive cat food is made with real meat, fish, or poultry as the primary ingredient and is free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Grain-free and gluten-free options are also available for cats with dietary restrictions or sensitivities.

The company sells dry and wet cat food in a variety of flavors, including chicken, tuna, salmon, and turkey. Their recipes are designed to provide cats with a balanced and complete diet, as well as added vitamins and minerals to support their overall health.

In this article, we have conducted a thorough evaluation of Thrive pet food products for you in order to make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase this brand. Additionally, we have provided reviews of the top five Thrive cat food products to assist you in selecting the best option for your feline friend.

At a Glance, The Best Thrive Cat Food Recipes

ProducttsMain Features
BadgeThrive Cat PremiumPlus Dry Food- Salmon & Herring

Thrive Cat PremiumPlus Dry Food- Salmon & Herring

  • No soya, cereals, rice, or wheat.
  • No artificial flavors and colors
  • All-natural ingredients.
  • Easily digestible
  • No gm-ingredients
  • No preservatives
Thrive Cat PremiumPlus Dry Food- Chicken with Turkey 

Thrive Cat PremiumPlus Dry Food- Chicken with Turkey 

  • Easily digestible high-quality meat
  • Very low carbohydrate content
  • No preservatives
Thrive Cat 100% COMPLETE -Chicken with Vegetables

Thrive Cat 100% COMPLETE -Chicken with Vegetables

  • Provides the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements
  • Chicken is a sole animal protein source
  • Nutritionally rich
  • Free of preservatives
Thrive Cat Food Complete Food – Chicken 

Thrive Cat Food Complete Food – Chicken 

  • No sugar
  • 100% chicken 
  • Contains minerals and vitamins


  • Contains 100% liver
  • Contains 100% real freeze-dried treat
  • No animal derivatives or preservatives

Thrive cat food reviewed

Who makes Thrive cat food, and where is it produced?

Thrive cat food is owned and manufactured by PetProject Ltd, a UK-based company. PetProject Ltd, one of the largest pet supply companies in the UK, has been in business since 2000.

Thailand, a popular pet food-producing country, is where the company manufactures its Thrive cat food. They work closely with their suppliers to ensure that the ingredients used in their products meet their stringent quality and safety standards.

Products from Thrive are either made in accordance with current UK and EU animal welfare laws or under the guidelines of animal welfare organizations like Red Tractor and Friend of the Sea. Likewise, products made from fish come from sustainable sources.

Thrive uses container ships, which have one of the lowest carbon footprints of all modes of transportation, to transport its products that are manufactured overseas. Thrive encourages its regional delivery partners to use electric vehicles when delivering to customers.

Most packaging materials are recyclable to the greatest extent possible, and they are made from recycled raw materials whenever possible. Only the dry goods bags are not recyclable. If at all possible, cardboard is used in place of metalized film.

In order to provide pet owners with an alternative to conventional pet food, which frequently contains fillers and artificial ingredients, the firm was founded. The popularity of Thrive Cat Food among pet owners spread swiftly, and the company has now expanded its product line to offer a variety of cat food choices.

Furthermore, Thrive cat food was developed and tested by a team of nutritionists and veterinarians to ensure that it meets the dietary needs of cats. The company promises to use only premium, natural ingredients in its products and to avoid artificial additives whenever possible.

What types of cats is Thrive food best suited for?

Although they don’t have as many varieties as other brands, Thrive still offers a range of foods with varying formulae and ingredients to meet the requirements of mostly adult cats. However, now they are trying to expand kitten varieties. Typically, Thrive cat food is best suited for cats who prefer a high-meat, grain-free diet because their products are created with high-quality, human-grade meat and contain no grains or fillers.

Moreover, Thrive provides solutions for cats with special nutritional needs, including hypoallergenic formulas, older or overweight cat options, and diets with few ingredients. To find out the ideal diet for your particular cat’s needs, it’s always a good idea to speak with a veterinarian.

Discussion of The Primary Ingredients of Thrive Cat Food

Thrive cat food’s main ingredients differ based on the particular recipe, but all of its products are prepared with premium, natural ingredients that have been carefully chosen to give cats a balanced and nourishing diet.

Real meat, poultry, or fish is frequently the first component in the dishes. These animal proteins are crucial sources of the essential amino acids that cats require to keep their muscles and organs in good condition. Chicken, turkey, salmon, and tuna are a few of the typical sources of animal protein in Thrive cat food.

Thrive cat food contains a variety of vegetables in addition to animal protein. Important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are provided to cats through these substances, supporting their general health and welfare. Thrive cat food frequently contains sweet potatoes, peas, and carrots, among other vegetables. Since cats should not consume a lot of carbohydrates, Thrive cat food has very low carbohydrate levels in its grain-free formulations. 

How to choose the right Thrive product for my cat?

As a cat parent, you want to provide the best nutrition and care for your furry friend. With so many cat food options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your cat’s specific needs. Thrive is a brand that offers a range of cat food products that are made with high-quality ingredients and designed to cater to different feline requirements.

Understanding Your Cat’s Nutritional Needs

Before you start looking for cat food products, it is essential to understand your cat’s nutritional needs. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they need a diet rich in animal protein. Their diet should consist of 80-85% animal-based protein, with the remaining 15-20% coming from fat and carbohydrates. Additionally, cats require specific nutrients such as taurine, which is essential for their heart and eye health.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Thrive Cat Product

When selecting a Thrive cat product, consider the following factors:

Age and Life Stage

Cats have different nutritional requirements depending on their life stage. For instance, kittens require a diet that supports their growth and development, while senior cats need a diet that supports their aging bodies. Though most of the Thrive cat food is for adult ages now, they also have a kitten product. However, it is best to have a veterinarian’s advice before feeding it or any food to your cat, especially kittens. 

Health Conditions

If your cat has health conditions such as allergies or digestive issues, it is crucial to choose a cat food product that addresses those specific issues. Thrive offers products that are grain-free, hypoallergenic, and formulated for cats with sensitive stomachs.

Type of Food

Thrive offers a variety of cat food products, including wet food, dry food, and treats. Wet food is an excellent option for cats that need more hydration, while dry food is convenient and can help maintain dental health. Treats are a great way to reward your cat, but they should be given in moderation.


Thrive cat food products are made with high-quality ingredients, including animal-based protein sources such as chicken, turkey, and fish. When selecting a cat food product, read the ingredient list to ensure that it contains high-quality protein sources and does not contain any fillers or artificial additives.

Brand Reputation

Thrive is a reputable brand that offers high-quality cat food products. Consider the brand’s reputation and read reviews from other cat parents before selecting a product.

Do cats enjoy Thrive cat food?

Most cats like Thrive cat food because it has a selection of recipes that are created to be both nutrient-rich and palatable to cats. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives are used in the production of Thrive cat food because these chemicals could turn cats off from eating.

Wet and dry food alternatives are available in Thrive cat food, which might appeal to various cats based on their tastes. High-quality proteins are used in wet food dishes, which are also moistened and flavored by gravy or broth. Cats who like a meat-based diet may find the dry food recipes appetizing because they start with genuine meat, fish, or poultry.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that each cat is unique and could have different tastes. Although the majority of cats love to eat Thrive cat food, some cats could prefer alternative tastes or brands. As a cat owner, it’s crucial to monitor how your cat responds to food and make any necessary changes to ensure that they are getting a well-balanced, nutrient-rich diet that they love.

Is thrive cat food good for cats?

Thrive cat food is regarded as a decent alternative for cats. The company provides a selection of premium, all-natural ingredients devoid of artificial additives and preservatives. Moreover, Thrive cat food is made with an emphasis on using real meat as the main protein source to suit the nutritional demands of cats.

However, as with any cat food, it’s crucial to pick a recipe that’s suitable for your cat’s age, level of activity, unique nutritional requirements, and preferences. Before making any dietary modifications for your cat, it’s a smart move to consult with your veterinarian.

A Quick Look at Thrive cat food


  • Never been recalled
  • Uses real fish and meat
  • No preservatives
  • No GM ingredients
  • Balanced essential nutrients
  • No artificial content
  • Also suitable for cats with skin issues
  • No additional sugar.


  • Cost more than other bands.
  • Some cats may not like the product.

Reviews of the 5 best Thrive cat food 

Thrive Cat PremiumPlus Dry Food- Salmon & Herring

Thrive Cat PremiumPlus dry food is produced with more than 70% fish, dry food salmon, and herring also have significant levels of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids (1.9% and 5.6%, respectively). It strikes the ideal mix between simple carbs in the form of sweet potatoes and potatoes and easily absorbed high-quality protein and fats. Although it is free of grains and cereal, it still has the vitamins, minerals, and taurine that your cat needs in its diet.

Thrive Cat PremiumPlus Dry Food Salmon & Herring


This food product contains dried salmon meat, dried herring meat, and fresh salmon. These three fish sources account for 63% of the product’s composition, providing a high protein and nutrient content. Sweet potato, potato, salmon oil, salmon gravy, and pea fiber are the remaining ingredients of the food.

It contains a variety of vitamins and minerals to enhance the nutritional value of this food. Vitamin A (as retinyl acetate) at a concentration of 21,635 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) at a concentration of 1,730 IU/kg, and Vitamin E (as alpha-tocopherol acetate). The product also contains trace components, such as Sodium Selenite at 0.64 mg/kg, Ferrous Sulphate Monohydrate at 240 mg/kg, Cupric Sulphate Pentahydrate at 19 mg/kg, Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate at 267 mg/kg, Manganous Sulphate Monohydrate at 90 mg/kg.

Furthermore, this product contains essential amino acids such as L-Carnitine at 480 mg/kg, DL-Methionine at 1865 mg/kg, and Taurine at 2385 mg/kg. These amino acids are essential for cats’ overall health and well-being.

Nutritional Information as Published by Manufacturer

  • Crude oils and fats: 17%
  • Crude protein: 39%
  • Crude fibers: 2%
  • Omega 3 oils: 1.9%
  • Crude Ash: 11.5%
  • Phosphorous: 1.7%
  • Calcium: 2.7% 


The majority of Amazon reviewers appear to agree that the product is good for cats and are pleased that it doesn’t include grains, but others have complained about the price and that their cats only sniff the food and ignore the food.


  • Includes fats and high-quality proteins that are easily digestible.
  • Grain and cereal free
  • No preservatives
  • No synthetic flavors or colors


  • The food might not appeal to some cats.

Thrive Cat PremiumPlus Dry Food- Chicken with Turkey 

90% of the meat in a serving of PremiumPlus chicken and turkey dry cat food, which is a significant amount in cat food. The meal has the ideal proportions of high-quality, easily digestible chicken and turkey, as well as 95% sweet potato and potato, 38% omega-6 fatty acids, and 07% omega-3 fatty acids. This makes it a good option for cats who need essential nutrients and prefer diets based on meat.

Thrive Cat PremiumPlus Dry Food Chicken with Turkey 


This cat food contains high-quality protein sources such as dried chicken, turkey, and freshly prepared chicken and turkey. These protein sources account for 82% of the food’s composition, providing cats with essential amino acids and a nutrient-rich source. Other ingredients include 6% chicken fat, 6% potato, 3% chicken gravy, minerals, vitamins, and salmon oil.

This cat food is fortified with vitamins and minerals to ensure that it provides a balanced and complete diet. It contains Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) in the amount of 1,700 IU/kg, Vitamin A (as retinyl acetate) in the amount of 21,635 IU/kg,  and Vitamin E (as alpha-tocopherol acetate) in the amount of 80 IU/kg. The food also contains trace elements such as zinc sulphate monohydrate at 265 mg/kg, ferrous sulphate monohydrate at 240 mg/kg, manganous sulphate monohydrate at 90 mg/kg, sodium selenite at 0.64 mg/kg and cupric sulphate pentahydrate at 20 mg/kg.

Furthermore, this cat food contains essential amino acids such as L-Carnitine at 480mg/kg, DL-Methionine at 1850mg/kg, and Taurine at 2300mg/kg. 

Nutritional Information as Published by Manufacturer

  • Crude fibers: 1.5%
  • Crude oils and fats: 20%
  • Crude Protein: 51%
  • Omega 6 oils: 3.8%
  • Crude Ash: 11%
  • Phosphorus: 1.8%
  • Calcium: 2.6%
  • Omega 3 oils: 0.7%


The vast majority of Amazon reviews said that customers liked the product’s high protein content and that their cats enjoyed eating it. The cat’s constant scratching, excessive grooming, and skin condition all played a part. In contrast to other expensive top-brand foods, the 90 percent meat blend seems to be effective. Their cats appear to enjoy and find this appealing. A small proportion of detractors, however, did not like the smell of it.


  • Has 90% chicken with turkey
  • Has a relatively small amount of carbohydrates.
  • No gm ingredients
  • No artificial colors and flavors
  • No preservatives


  • Not a pleasant smell. 

Thrive Cat 100% COMPLETE -Chicken with Vegetables

The sole source of protein in Thrive Complete Chicken with Vegetables is chicken. To provide your cat with a comprehensive, nutritionally-balanced food, it is boiled in chicken broth with vegetables and additional vitamins and minerals. In accordance with your cat’s preferences, Thrive chicken and vegetables can be eaten on their own or combined with their dry food.

It features real chicken, is wheat/gluten-free, contains no artificial ingredients, and contains no sugar, making it easier for your cat to digest.

Thrive Cat Food Complete Food Chicken 


This cat food contains high-quality ingredients such as chicken, water, green peas, carrots, vitamins, and minerals.

This cat food is fortified with vitamins and minerals to ensure that it provides a balanced and complete diet. It contains 10,000 IU/kg of Vitamin A and 100 IU/kg of Vitamin D3, which provide cats with essential vitamins that promote healthy growth and development. Manganese at a concentration of 3mg/kg, zinc at a concentration of 39mg/kg, copper at a concentration of 1.35mg/kg, iron at a concentration of 50mg/kg, and iodine at a concentration of 0.6mg/kg are also present in the food. These minerals are essential for maintaining a healthy immune system, promoting healthy skin and coat, and aiding digestion.

In addition to essential vitamins and minerals, this cat food contains 500mg/kg of taurine. Taurine is an amino acid that is necessary for the health of cats. It promotes healthy heart function and supports healthy vision.

Nutritional Information as Published by Manufacturer

  • Crude fiber: 0.2%
  • Moisture: 82%
  • Crude protein: 9.5%
  • Crude ash: 1.5%
  • Crude fats and oils: 2%


Customers who purchased it from Zoopla said that they liked that the chicken appeared to be less because it was in chunks; however, once that was mashed down, and mixed with the vegetables and broth, the content would look fuller, and their cats enjoyed it. However, some said that it was quite liquid with certain consistent hard lumps in it which their cats did not like.


  • Zero added sugar
  • It is artificial agents and sugar-free 
  • It has no preservatives.


  • Some cats do not prefer this due to green peas

Thrive Cat Food Complete Food – Chicken 

In order to make the Thrive Chicken Breast wet cat food complete, it is boiled in chicken broth with additional vitamins and minerals for your cat to digest. Depending on your cat’s preferences, you can feed your cat this food alone or combined with dry food. They also have this for kittens.

Thrive Cat Food Complete Food Chicken 


This cat food contains tender chicken pieces in a savory chicken broth, as well as essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy diet. This food contains 2800 IU of Vitamin A, 29 IU of Vitamin D3, 1.4mg of Manganese, 12mg of Zinc, 0.6mg of Copper, 6mg of Iron, 0.2mg of Iodine, and 0.5g of Taurine per 100 grams. Your cat will enjoy this complete and nutritious meal.

Nutritional Information as Published by Manufacturer

  • Crude Protein: 16%
  • Crude Ash: 1.5%
  • Crude fats and oils: 2%
  • Moisture: 80%
  • Crude Fiber: 0.1%


This product has received more favorable than negative reviews. Amazon customers who gave positive feedback said the food was excellent and their cats enjoyed the texture, while detractors complained that the chicken pieces were too small and had too much fluid in the can.


  • Made from real chicken breast
  • Easily digestible
  • No artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives


  • Chicken is thin and small to be picked up by a cat. 
  • Some cats don’t prefer the juice in this food.


You can give your cat Thrive 100 percent Natural Cat Treats (Chicken Liver) as a tasty and nutritious daily treat because they are made entirely from chicken liver. The pure, irresistible, and quickly-becoming-a-favorite Thrive Cat Treats are freeze-dried to lock in all of the natural flavors and to preserve the minerals and vitamins. 

No additives, preservatives, or colorings are present in Thrive Treats, which are packaged in a resealable tube to preserve freshness.



This cat food treat is 100% chicken liver, a high-quality protein source high in essential vitamins and minerals. Chicken liver is a nutritious ingredient that can provide a variety of health benefits for your cat, including immune system support and skin and coat health. It can be a tasty way to show your feline friend some love while also providing them with nutrients. With only one ingredient, you can feel good about giving your cat a tasty and nutritious treat. Treat your cat to the pure and natural goodness of 100% chicken liver today!

Nutritional Information as Published by Manufacturer

  • Crude Fiber: 0.5%
  • Crude Ash: 8.8%
  • Crude fat and oil: 22.6%
  • Crude Protein: 62.6%


Customers on Amazon who have bought this product generally report that their cats have become addicted to it and that it is now their favorite treat. On top of that, it is healthy because it is made with 100% Whitefish and doesn’t include any preservatives or artificial colors.


  • It is a healthy treat made from real food.
  • It doesn’t contain any animal derivatives or preservatives.


  • Slightly expensive for a treat

I require a hypoallergenic diet for my pet. Is Thrive appropriate?

Allergens like gluten and particular proteins are the main causes of allergic reactions. No wheat, dairy, soy, or genetically modified (GM) ingredients are found in Thrive food. A single type of protein makes up the majority of what we eat, but occasionally another protein from a closely related species, such as salmon and tuna or chicken and turkey, will be present.

They don’t hide their ingredients under terms like “meat or animal derivatives” in order to make it clear if their foods contain anything to which your pet is allergic. In order to identify the protein that a pet is allergic to, veterinarians frequently use Thrive foods as an exclusion diet.


Will my kitten be able to eat Thrive cat food?

You can use their PremiumPlus Chicken, Salmon and Herring for your kittens right away, but they will soon be releasing their Kitten foods as well. Due to the superior quality of their ingredients, occasionally feeding their other cat foods to kittens is perfectly acceptable.

Where do I find Thrive food?

Their products can be found at well-known supermarkets, veterinarian offices, pet stores, online merchants, and on their website at www.Thrivepetfoods.Com.

Are Thrive Products vet approved?

Since 2003, more than 1,000 veterinarians have sold and recommended Thrive products. Each recipe is created in collaboration with their team of nutritional experts.


Since there are no harmful ingredients in any of Thrive Cat Food’s products, cats can easily enjoy their food, whether it is dry or wet. All the products have real meat and vegetable content, such as chicken, turkey, salmon, white fish, carrot, and green peas, and added essential vitamins and minerals. It has top-quality ingredients for your cats with no artificial content or preservatives. 

Although some people have complained that the product is more expensive than others, many people have said that it is worth it because of the real meat that’s used in the product. And it also has good reviews from a cat owner whose cat is suffering from skin diseases. So, it’s also suitable for cats with skin issues.

Some detractors claimed that their cats turned away from the food simply by smelling it, which may be because different cat breeds have varying food preferences.
Even though it’s a fantastic product, it’s best to talk to your pet doctor before including anything new in your cat’s diet. 

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