Persian kittens for sale in Ohio: Persian Cat Breeders in Ohio

Do you wish to purchase or adopt a Persian kitten? Confused about who are reputable breeders in Ohio where you can find the best quality Persian cats for sale? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Go through this article to find the top Persian Cat breeders in Ohio.

Persian cats and kittens for sale in Ohio

How to know if kittens are available for sale in Ohio?  

Before purchasing a kitten from the breeder, visit the breeder’s website. You can learn more about them via social media, business profiles, and customer reviews. Additionally, you can inquire about any litters available for sale by directly contacting the breeder. Make sure you ask your breeder if they have experience raising kittens.  

Are all Persian Cat Breeders in Ohio Certified for sale?

No, not all Persian Cat Breeders in Ohio are certified. Find out if your breeder has a license and certification before anything else. You can determine if your breeder is authorized by contacting the Ohio Department of Agriculture. 

Top 8 Persian Cat Breeders in Ohio

Masabeli Persians

Masabeli Persians

Masabeli Persians is a small cage-free CFA-registered cattery that specializes in Persian breeding. The breeding program prioritizes health, temperament, and conformation. The best kittens from each litter are chosen and connected with prospective owners.   

All of their kittens are PKD, PKA, FelV, and FIV negative, vaccinated, and come with a one-year health guarantee. They also belong to the Ohio State Persian Club. Check their website for updates on different types of Persian kittens on sale. They are in Central Ohio.  

GrandBee Cattery

grandbee cattery

CFA standard Persian kittens are bred at the Grandbee cattery. To ensure the kittens are fully litter-box trained, have meaningful contact with people, and consume solid foods, they keep them until they are 14 weeks old. They are located in Cleveland, Ohio. However, they offer to ship by courier all over the United States. 


DejavuPurrs persian breeder in Cincinnati Ohio

DejavuPurrs is a recognized cattery registered with the Cat Fancier Association and The International Cat Association. They are a modest home-bred breeder. They specialize in Persian and exotic shorthair that is healthy and of high quality. Their cats and kittens are PKD, PRA negative, and DNA-tested grand champion, national, and regional winning lines. They occasionally have dollface, long-nosed Persian kittens, and exotic shorthair cat breeds.   

Check their website for available kittens for sale; you can check their Facebook page. They are in the Cincinnati, Ohio, and South Eastern Kentucky areas.  

Plush Persians

Plush Persians are kitten sellers who are very fond of the Persian breed. They rarely have kittens available because the cats are their family pets. Their greatest wish is that whoever adopts their kittens will be equally enamored with them and provide a warm environment. To decide which kitten to buy and to reserve the baby fluffs, you can also look at the images of their kitties on their Facebook page

Pelaqita Persian

Pelaqita Persian

Pelaqita Persians raise CFA Persian breed standard kittens and give all prospective kitten owners unrestricted access to their houses to observe the care given to their young animals. Additionally, they place a high priority on raising healthy, well-socialized Persian kittens. They sell some of the breed’s most popular colors, including tortoiseshell, blue cream, and calico, which come in various shades, including black, blue, silver, cream, smokes, cameo, red, and subtly variate tabbies and bicolors. Each new kitten owner receives a Kitten Placement Package, which is exclusively given to pet families. 

Ohio Purr Cattery

Ohio Purr Cattery

Ohio Purr is a small, in-home cattery that sells dollface and peke-faced Persian breeds while also putting customer care first. Similarly, none of their kittens have PKD, FeLV, FIV, or ringworm. They specialize in producing Himalayan Persian, chinchilla, blue-silver, blue-golden, and tabby kittens in addition to golden, silver, white, calico, and silver kittens. Similarly, their kittens are marketed exclusively as pets and are vet checked, vaccinated, and dewormed. Kittens might not be able to leave their cattery until they are 12 to 14 weeks old, depending on the availability of an appointment. Each go-home package includes copies of all the queen’s and sire’s test results. 



The breeders of Purrsianpals, a CFA-registered cattery, strive to create cats that meet the standards set by the TICA and CFA and produce healthy, lovely, expressive, short, cobby, big legs and bodies, small ears, rounded heads, and gorgeous round eyes kittens. The available cats or kittens are all reared in the breeder’s house and will only be sold when they are 12 to 16 weeks old. All the kittens are litter box trained, healthy, dewormed, and vet examined.

Chastelle Persians

Chastelle Persians

Breeding pure Persian line solids, bi-colors, blue-eyed, odd-eyed, smoke, and smoke/smoke bicolor Persians is the specialty of Chastelle Persians. The first blue-eyed bicolor male of pure Persian ancestry to win a CFA championship in the USA is from this cattery.

Further, visit their website to learn more about the available kittens for sale. 

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Why should we buy cats and kittens from a certified or CFA-registered breeder?

CFA registered breeders better understand how to breed cats safely and care for male or female kittens. 

Are cats and kittens for sale spayed or neutered?

Both yes and no. Most breeders spay or neuter their kittens or cats before selling them, and some do not; be sure to ask the breeders. 

How to verify if the kittens are available for sale? 

Keep an eye on the breeder’s website for updates, contact them or pay them a visit at their cattery. 

Can kittens be returned after purchasing? 

You should contact the breeder from whom you purchased the kitten about their return policy. 


Every cat lover wants to be around their fluffy little friend. Hope this article assisted you in selecting a reputable breeder who will give you the kittens you need and find them a new, loving home. Feel free to contact the respective breeders for the kittens available.

Have you ever purchased kittens from the breeders mentioned above? Let us know in the comment section below. Likewise, for more cat content, visit Cat Queries.

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