Persian Kittens for Sale in South Carolina: Persian Cat Breeders 

Are you looking for Persian kittens for sale in South Carolina? You’ve come to the right place. We have listed the best Persian breeders near you in South Carolina. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started! 

Persian Kittens for Sale in South Carolina

Persian cats are reputed to be peaceful and affectionate. They are for you if you enjoy receiving attention and want petite, sweet, and cuddly kitties. We have provided a list of Persian breeders to assist you in locating the ideal kittens for you. 

Top Cat Breeders with Persian Kittens for Sale and Adoption

Many top Persian kitten breeders in South Carolina have beautiful kittens for sale. They take pride in their kittens and want to ensure they go to good homes.  

Each breeder has its own unique kittens, so be sure to do your research on these breeders to find the perfect one for you! 

Meow Persian Cats

meow Persian cats

Looking for the finest purebred Persian kittens and cats? Meow Persian cats have the finest quality purebred cats in the world. Their kittens are confident and well-adjusted. The following kittens are currently available for adoption:  

  • Chinchilla Persian Kitten
  • Peke and doll-faced Persian Kitten,  
  • Exotic Shorthair Persian Kitten  
  • Teacup Persians Kitten  
  • Himalayan Persian Kitten

Having 30 years of experience, they select breeder cats very carefully. All of their Persians are from champion and import bloodlines. Each kitten is sold with a thorough health record approved and stamped by a certified veterinarian. You can find them in Charleston, South Carolina.


CatzR4Me persian breeder

CatzR4me is a family-oriented cattery located near Columbia, South Carolina. They have 25 years of experience breeding Persian and Himalayan cats. They produce solid, pointed Persians in all colors recognized as Pointed and Himalayan Shorthair Exotics. However, they specialize in: 

  • Chocolate Persian Kittens
  • Lilac Persians Kittens

Due to their desire to develop cats and kittens that are incredibly affectionate with outgoing personalities, they only have a few litters every year. They dedicate most of their time caring for their kitten. Pictures of their kittens that are up for sale are available on their website. 

Pawmetto Persians

Pawmetto Persians in south Carolina

Pawmetto Persians is a small registered CFA cattery. They specialize in long-haired purebred Persians. The kittens are FELV and FIV-free and come with a health warranty. They have adoring, sociable, and endearing personalities.

Further, you can complete their online application to reserve one of their kittens for sale. Similarly, The breeders have provided gorgeous photographs of their available kittens on their website.

Puttstuff Cattery

Puttstuff Cattery

This cattery provides it all if you’re searching for a cat or kitten to keep as a pet or breed. They have 30 years of experience and put in a lot of effort in breeding cats in their cage-free cattery. When it comes to breeding nice purebred cats, they specialize in: 

  • Color Point Exotics
  • Exotics CPC 
  • Himalayans 
  • Persians CPC 

You can contact them by email, phone, or text if you’re interested in purchasing a kitten from their location. Additionally, you can visit their cattery in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Check out their websites to view pictures of cats and kittens up for adoption or sale. 


Catsparadise persian breeder

Catsparadise is a hobby cattery located in Greer, South Carolina. The cattery prioritizes producing healthy kittens with adorable facial expressions and big, wide eyes. They aim to produce happy, active kittens free from PKD and other health problems.  

They specialize in: 

  • Shorthair and Longhair exotics 
  • Scottish 
  • Persian kittens 

Additionally, they provide kittens for sale in show, breed, and pet quality. The quality of the kittens determines the price. 

L’Wispurrs Persians 

L'Wispurrs Persians 

LwispurrsPersians is a cattery situated in Loris, South Carolina, adjacent to Myrtle Beach’s well-known Grand Strand. Here, cats and kittens receive sufficient attention in a homely environment with plenty of space to play. They specialize in breeding wonderful Persians such as: 

  • solids 
  • whites 
  • Parti-colors 
  • dilutes 

Likewise, they don’t sell their kittens to pet stores or resell them. They insist on rigorous contracts whether the purchase is for a pet or for breeding, 

South Carolina Persian and Manx

South Carolina Persian and Manx

The breeders raise Persian Manx hybrid designer kittens in their house with proper care and affection. You can interact with their kitten from the age of one week via pictures posted on their websites. However, they must be booked before 4 weeks of age so they can be delivered to you.

They specialize in producing: 

  • flat or doll faces, 
  • long hair Persians or Himalayan 
  • Persian with no tail, 
  • Bobtail Manx 

The fur babies will already start eating solid food and are litter box trained by the time they go to their new homes. Likewise, if you’re interested in buying their furbabies, the photographs of their available kittens for sale are available on their website


The recommended cat breeders in South Carolina included in this blog post are all CFA-registered. Therefore, we strongly advise you to get your kittens from these breeders. Though the catteries mentioned above are all small, they are in charge of breeding cats and providing kittens for sale with the most exceptional personalities.

Don’t hesitate to ask the breeders for any questionnaires about the available kittens or the shipping process. 

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