Persian Kittens for sale in Michigan: Persian cat breeders Near you

Looking for a Persian Kitten for sale in Michigan? Check out our list of Persian cat breeders below!  

Persian cat breeders Near you

Michigan is home to many Persian cat breeders, making it the perfect place to find your new furry friend! Whether you’re looking for a traditional Persian or a more unique variety, you’re sure to find the perfect kitten for you.  

So, what are you waiting for? Start your search today!  

Popular Persian Cat for sale in Michigan

Several breeders sell different varieties of Persian cats in Michigan. However, the most famous ones are silver Persian kittens. Although they are frequently mistaken for white kittens, the silvers have a few distinctive characteristics that help to distinguish them. Silver kittens are extremely dark grey at birth, but as they age, they become lighter and eventually resemble white. They can be identified by the black tipping on the ends of their hair, which gives them a shimmering appearance, and their white undercoat.

Many believe these magnificent cats get most beautiful between the ages of three and five. These cats are advertised as “for sale” in the classified ads section of the local newspapers. Similarly, the kittens are often advertised as “purebred” or “show quality.” They usually have a very high price tag. 

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How much does it cost to raise a cat in a cattery?

The cost of raising a cat in a cattery can vary depending on the size and location of the cattery and the type of care the cats receive. Usually, the care includes proper grooming, premium food, frequent veterinary visits, vaccinations, CFA-standard treatment, and more. Thus, the cost may vary between $1000 to $1500 a year.

Best Persian Cat breeders in Michigan

Fluffy Persians Cattery

Fluffy Persians Cattery

Fluffy Persian cattery is dedicated to breeding and growing only the most exceptional kittens. They give all of their feline pals love and care. Likewise, they pick their Persian cats not just for their plush coats but also for their kind dispositions. Their aim is to give families lovely pets by utilizing experience and moral breeding practices.

All of their kittens come with a guarantee that they are in the best physical condition. Visit their website, where they have a kittens gallery, to learn more about the Persian cats currently available for sale.

Grandheart Exotics Cattery

Grandheart Exotics Cattery

Grandheart exotics is run by a former veterinary technician with ten years of experience. All of their cats are free of PKD, FIV, and FelV. The quality of the breeds, such as pet quality, high pet quality, show quality, and longhaired exotics, also affects how much they cost. Additionally, they have included all the guidelines for caring for kittens and cats on their site. 

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Meow my Persians

Meow my Persians

Located in a modest home in mid-Michigan, Meow My Persians is a small cattery. They specialize in producing solid and tabby purebred Persian cats. Occasionally, they sell retired adult cats or kittens to a good home.

In 2005, the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) officially recognized their cattery as a CFA Cattery of Excellence and a CFA Cattery of Distinction. They make an effort to uphold the Persian breed’s CFA standard. Most of their kittens and cats are CFA registered, and several have won CFA cat shows. For available cats and kittens for sale, visit their available page.

Casa Morales Cattery

Casa Morales Cattery in Michigan

Himalayan and Small Persian cat breeds can be found at Casa Morales Cattery. Generally, they began with NCFA registered cats and now have added CFA cats. The breeder’s family socializes the cats, giving them friendly dispositions. For more details, visit their website to see if any kittens are available for sale. 


Chelcecats  persian cattery in michigan

Chelcecats is home to CFA-registered chinchilla and shaded silver Persian cats and kittens. For 25 years, the breeder has been raising chinchillas and shaded silver Persians. The Persian breeder exclusively raises DNA- and PKD-negative cats. The cats are renowned for their long, magnificent brick and red color coats and dark mascara. They promise that the silver kittens and cats for sale will be 100% healthy, including their conditions. 

Fursace Persians Cattery

Fursace Persians Cattery

The cattery specializes in raising happy, healthy cats that people can adopt. They frequently participate in CFA exhibitions with their cats and kittens and visit the vet frequently to check their pets for PKD, FIV, FeLV, parasites, and fungal infections. Every kitten is reared as a family member in this cage-free cattery. They primarily breed Tabby Persians but occasionally solid and smoke color.  

The cats here are cared for like a family member. They don’t force their cats to have a lot of kittens. Therefore, they only have a few litters every year. You can visit their website to learn more about the available kittens for sale. 

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Mcduff Persians

Mcduff Persians

Mcduff Persians is a small cattery in Michigan that breeds kittens following the standards set forth by the CFA. They abide by the FDA’s laws and allow the kitten to be seen by the owner or an owner’s representative before being placed.   

The kittens’ potential colors include solid, tabby, parti-colors, bi-colors, and Himalayan. Their veterinarian administers the necessary kitten vaccinations and performs several health inspections before placing the kittens for sale. On their website, there are pictures of kittens that you can purchase.

Pursella Persian

Pursella Persian for sale in Michigan

Pursella Persians specializes in breeding teacup silver and white Persians. They also offer a variety of silver chinchillas, shaded silver and white Persian kittens, and adults. Likewise, they devote themselves to ensuring that cherished kittens receive love and care from the moment.

If you want to view available kittens or make a reservation visit their website.

Wildirish Cattery

Wildirish Cattery

The Persian kittens are raised and sold at the CFA-registered Wildirish Cattery in Sheridan, Michigan. They come from lineages of Grand Champions. They offer a year guarantee for their kitten’s health. Blue tortoiseshell and blue cream-colored kittens are available in stock. Visit their website for more information and see the available kittens for sale. 


There are numerous Persian cat breeders in Michigan, but the ones on the list are the best and most well-known ones. The CFA-registered kittens from the abovementioned Persian breeders are only sold after being checked for any health issues. They all guarantee that their cats and kittens are sociable and bring joy with them.

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