Persian Kittens for Sale in Iowa: Persian Cat Breeders Nearby

In the state of Iowa, several Persian cat breeders sell kittens. These breeders are experts in producing and marketing premium Persian cats. Their cats are well known for their gorgeous coats, affectionate personalities, and loving temperament.  

Persian Kittens for Sale in Iowa

Trusted Cat Breeders in Iowa with Persian Kittens for Sale

There are many Persian cat breeders in Iowa that have kittens for sale. However, not all of them can be trusted. We have prepared this list for those interested in buying Persian kittens in Iowa.

These Persian cat breeders in Iowa are a must-visit if you’re seeking a new lifelong companion.

Country’s Edge Persian

Country's Edge Persian

For 50 years, Country’s Edge Persian breeders have been specializing in breeding: 

  • Chocolate point with white Persians
  • Silver Persians
  • Chocolate tortie Persian
  • Calico Persians 
  • Red and White Persians
  • Chinchilla Silver Persians

The primary goal of this cattery is to raise happy, healthy kittens exclusively for pet homes. Their kittens are raised at home without cages. The kittens are available for sale after a vet visit once they are about 9 and 10 weeks old.

All of their kittens are DNA tested for PKD. Their DNA certificate is available on their website.

Furthermore, you can reserve any available kittens or cats for sale by depositing $100. You can find them at 4110 Hickory Avenue in Sioux Center, Iowa, 51250. 

Terhark Persians

Terhark Persians

Terhark Persian Cattery has experience in raising silver Persians for 25 years. They are situated in northern Iowa. The cattery is dedicated to maintaining the silver Persian breeds’ beauty and safeguarding their cats’ health. 

They also specialize in: 

  • Shaded, 
  • Chinchilla Persian
  • Golden Persians

The kittens are delicately raised in their own homes. Their beautiful and excellent temperaments are also considered when choosing their adult Persians.

Further, the kitten for sale includes a health certificate and written health guarantee. A starter food supply is also provided.  

Moreover, on their website, you can check the specifics of the kittens and cats that are currently up for sale. Contact them for additional details. 

Katzjax Cattery

Katzjax Cattery logo

All the kings, queens, and kittens of Katzjax cattery are CFA registered. Every kitten they offer is DNA tested; all are FELEUK and FIV negative. They currently breed: 

  • Persian and 
  • Exotic cats. 

They rarely have kittens and cats ready for breeding. Cats and kittens will be available as pets after being neutered and spayed. However, they occasionally have retired spayed and neutered adult breeds. They’re in the city of Davenport, Iowa. Likewise, Visit their website to learn more about their available kittens for sale. 

Persian Breeders Near Iowa  

Suppose you haven’t found your desired adorable, purrfect kittens available for sale within Iowa. Then, please check out some of the Persian breeders near Iowa State. 

TazyCats Persians

image 4

Tazycats Persians is a small cattery situated in Central Missouri. Their Persians are raised with pride. Their entire litter is CFA-registered and vet-checked. They are all brought up in a clean, healthy environment. 

The breeders in this cattery care deeply about animals. Therefore, they donate a portion of sales to a nearby animal shelter. To assist abandoned, underprivileged, or abused cats and dogs. 

Additionally, they currently have a blue patch tabby female and van black and white male for sale. Please feel free to contact them if you are interested in purchasing kittens from them. 

DollFaced Persian Kittens  

DollFaced Persian Kittens cattery

Dollfaced Persian kittens cattery is known to have the world’s most exquisite designer Persian kittens. Their furry children with furry faces, multicolored coats, zesty energy, and vivid personalities would make you fall in love with them. 

The available kittens for sale are: 

If you are interested in acquiring Persian felines with properly proportioned facial features, this is the right cattery. You can find them at the south of Iowa line. 

Purrtopia Exotics

Purrtopia Exotics

Purrtopia Exotics is a family-operated Persian and exotic shorthair cattery in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their cattery specializes in the following: 

Further, they only have a few breeding cats. Similarly, to ensure that the kittens and cats they produce are of the highest caliber, they only have a few litters each year. 


Persian breeders we mentioned have years of experience, so you can trust them. They are all eager to answer any questions about their kittens and cats available for sale. Their answers will reflect their expertise in the field.

Don’t hesitate to contact cat breeders before purchasing gorgeous kitties with lovely dispositions and diverse colors and patterns.

However, if you are in a different state and want to purchase this lovely cat breed, refer to the articles below.

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