Persian Kittens for Sale in Georgia: Persian Cat Breeders

Looking for a Persian kitten for sale in Georgia? Check out our list of reputable cat breeders that sell Persian kittens in the region!

Persian Kittens for Sale in Georgia

Persian cats are known for their long, luxurious coats and sweet dispositions. They are great companions and perfect for families with children and other pets. If you’re interested in adding a Persian cat or kitten to your home, contact one of the breeders on our list today!   

Reputable Cat Breeders with Persian Kittens for sale in Georgia   

Glamoure Persians

Glamoure Persians cattery

Glamoure Persians is a small, caring cattery. They mostly breed exquisite silver, golden, blue-golden, and silver-blue Persians. They work hard to produce only the most wonderful, beautiful, and, most importantly, healthy kittens. This cattery is ideal if you are looking for champions, grad champions, and regional winners.

The breeders also offer doll-faced kittens for individuals who like show quality kittens. If you’re concerned about health issues, all their kittens for sale have been DNA tested negative and are Cat Kingpin Certified.  

Alchemist Persians

Alchemist Persians

The breeders in the Alchemist cattery specialize in rearing happy, healthy Persians. Silver, golden, silver blue, blue golden, and silver tabby are the color options available for sale. Their kittens are all CFA registered and have the correct color-bred prefix. They have also published instructions for decoding CFA silver and golden registration numbers. This is the best place to go if you’re looking for CFA prefix-registered kittens. Even though they frequently receive kittens who do not satisfy the CFA show criteria for conventional doll-faced, all of their pet kittens come with a documented :  

  • Health guarantee.
  • CFA registered papers. 
  • A spay/neuter agreement paper.

They will also have all shots appropriate for cats and kittens ages. 

Royal Kittys

Royal Kittys

Royal Kitty’s is a CFA-certified cattery that sells Himalayan and Persian kittens. They follow a modest breeding program and have only 2 or 3 litters for sale each year. Most of their pet kittens are doll-faced with longer noses compared to show kittens, and they all have deep blue eyes like their mother and father. Kittens are often sold only after the ages of 12 and 16 weeks. This is the place to go if you want to acquire a blue-eyed Persian kitten. They’re approximately in the north of Atlanta, Georgia.  

Purrrrfect Persians

Purrrrfect Persians breeder in Georgia

Purrrrfect Persian and Nepolean Muchkins specializes in breeding traditional and doll-faced Persians and Napoleon minutes. All kittens are reared by hand in a caring family environment. Their Persian and Napoleon kitten babies are socializable and have wonderful loving dispositions.   

The Persian kittens that they usually have for sale are:  

  • Rare Black
  • Creme Points and flame points
  • Seal, blue, and tortoise Point
  • Calico
  • Smoked
  • Bicolor
  • Dilutes
  • Tabbies and seal torties

All of their kittens are sold with a signed health guarantee against significant genetic health problems. As part of their Persian kitten’s health information, they recommend maintaining a record of all vaccines. They have ten litters per year on average. The kittens are only available for purchase when they are ten weeks old.  

Megamame Persians   

Megamame Persians   

Megamame Persians is a CFA member situated in southwest Georgia. Their parent’s pedigrees include some of the country’s best grand and champion lineages. They specialize in blue-eyed, white, teacup, and Himalayans, as well as bicolor Persian. Their kittens are thoroughly inspected by a veterinarian.

Further, their kittens also received the first series of injections and a health certificate. Kittens are only available between the ages of 8 and 10 weeks. If you don’t see the kitten you want on their page, feel free to contact them to inquire about future litters.  

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All of the Persian cat breeders in Georgia listed above are trustworthy and devoted to their cats. Their children are reared in a caring and secure environment. All of their Persians for sale are tested and vaccinated according to age.

If you have any questions about the catteries mentioned above, don’t hesitate to contact the relevant catteries. The mentioned Persian breeders are all very cooperative and willing to answer any queries about the availability of their kittens for sale.  

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