Persian Kitten for sale in Texas: Persian Cat Breeders in Texas

There are many Persian kittens for sale in Texas. The state has some of the top cat breeders in the country. If you are looking for a Persian kitten, you will have no trouble finding a breeder in Texas who can provide you with one.

Persian Kitten for sale in Texas

The Persian is a popular cat breed that is quite popular among cat lovers. You should have no problem finding a breeder in Texas who can provide you with a Persian kitten. However, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of roaming throughout Texas looking for CFA-recognized catteries, we have listed 11 Persian cat breeders that sell healthy kittens in Texas. Go through the breeder’s websites for desired Persian kittens.

Persian Cat Breeders with Kittens for Sale in Texas

Burton’s Persians

image 7

The Texas Hill Country is home to Burton’s Persian, a small cattery for affectionate Himalayan, Persian, and exotic shorthair cats. Additionally, they have their cats and kittens CFA and TICA registered. The kittens are bred from titled show pedigrees and often come from mother and father cats who are PKD, FelV, and FIV negative. Occasionally, their website offers images of the available kittens for sale. Read their kitten contract if you’re interested in purchasing one of their kittens, as they are sold as pets only and are not granted breeding rights to the new owner.  

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Kitty Cature Cattery

Kitty Cature Cattery

Kitty Cature is a tiny hobby cattery registered with the Cat Fanciers’ Association. The cattery is situated in the DFW region, 30 miles north of Dallas in McKinney, Texas.

Persian Kittens are excellent family pets who spread love and happiness in the family. Thus, kittens are also raised in a highly nurturing atmosphere.  

They adhere Ten Commandments for Responsible Pet Ownership, the CFA Cattery Standard Minimum Requirements, and the CFA Breeder Code of Ethics. You can see images of the kittens and their growth before buying them. The kitten will be sold with a health guarantee care package, age-appropriate vaccinations, and complementary care. 

Kitten Candy Persians

Kitten Candy Persians

Kitten Candy Persians is a cattery that breeds show-standard, extreme-faced kittens with big, wide eyes, short, cobby bodies, with various solid and bicolor colors. However, they are currently concentrating on white, black, silver, and a little bit of calico. Every kitten purchased comes with a health guarantee and is PDK, FIV, and FeLV negative as well as parasite and fungus-free. A professional veterinarian takes care of the health of their Persian cats and kittens. Fill out the adoption form to adopt their kitten. 

Steamboat Cattery

Steamboat Cattery

The uncommon odd-eyed and blue-eyed bicolor pure Persian cats and kittens with no CPCs or exotics in their pedigrees are available for sale in Steamboat Cattery. They only sell their kittens to authorized, loving homes. Likewise, the breeder’s objective is to create stunning, healthy, and extremely well-socialized cats that comply with the CFA standard. So, you can be care free about their health. For updates and images of the kittens, see their social handles. 

Beljapur Cattery

Beljapur Cattery Persian cattery in Texas

Beljapur Persians is a cattery located in Austin, Texas. It is a home to Persian and Himalayan cats with champion bloodlines. You don’t have to worry about the cats being unclean or having other health issues because the breeders ensure they are cage-free and clean. Additionally, you must complete the Beljapur Persian contract agreement by downloading the selling contract from their website to purchase their kitten or cat. 

Sullivan Blu  

Sullivan Blu Persian cat and kittens breeder

The Persian and Himalayan cats at the CFA-registered Sullivan Blu Cattery are descendants of prize lineages. The kittens are reared in a comfortable, loving environment free of cages. During their early years, the kittens learn to use a litter box and a scratching post from their parents, interact and socialize with other people, and play with their siblings. Their Persian cats have gorgeous long coats and pug-like faces and are said to be constantly posing for photos. 

Moreover, they offer a list of images of the kittens currently up for sale on their website if you are interested in purchasing one. 

Windysweptt Napoleon and Himalayan Persian Kittens

Windysweptt Napoleon and Himalayan Persian Kittens

Windysweptt Napoleons and Himalayans specialize in the Napoleons and Himalayan Persian kittens. They are located in the south of Dallas, TX. Their rooms are equipped with a separate area for their beloved animals. Additionally, their kittens are dewormed and provided with a one-year health guarantee against serious genetic flaws.  

There are two options for adopting their cat: either send a $100 litter deposit and pay the remaining balance once the kitten arrives, or wait until the litter is born and reserve a kitten with a 50% deposit. Unfortunately, they don’t ship their kittens worldwide.. 

Tiny Persians

Tiny Persians

Tiny Persians is a reputable cattery that specializes in breeding only healthy top-bloodline Teacup Persian cats, also known as a pixie, miniature, and tiny Persian cats. They also enjoy selectively breeding serene, loving, and beautiful Persian kittens. Their felines receive plenty of daily care and grooming, top-quality food, mineral supplements, and essential feline-formulated vitamins. Additionally, they sell doll face kittens in various hues and sizes and silver Persian chinchillas in Texas. 

Persian Kitten Pals

Persian Kitten Pals

Persian kitten pals are a small cattery with CFA registration that sells doll-faced Persian kittens. Their cats and kittens receive all the medical attention they require and loving care as members of their own family. The kittens enjoy a happy childhood with a lovely nursery and are never imprisoned. Their kittens are only sold once they are 12 weeks old, have had all necessary vaccinations (FVRCP, FELV boosters, and rabies shots), and have visited the veterinarian. 

Cacao Cattery

image 14

Cacao cattery is a devoted cattery focused on Persians, American Wirehairs, and American Shorthairs. Similarly, they are devoted breeders with fifty years of experience who grow purebred cats that are healthy, happy, and lovable. They have 250 CFA Grand Champions and Grand Premiers Persians. They help those interested in showcasing the kittens. Even though their lines are often found in successful breeding programs around the globe, they sell only in United States.

Luvmycats Persians

Luvmycats Persians

The primary objective of the CFA and TICA-accredited Persian cattery Luvmycats is the overall health and well-being of its cats and kittens. Though there aren’t many females, Champion and Grand Champion lines can be found in their pedigrees. Every kitten is accompanied by a health history and a two-year warranty against genetic abnormalities. The kittens are available for purchase only after they are 12 to 16 weeks old. You can check for kittens that are currently for sale on their website as they update the information and photographs there. 


When does the breeder cat retire?

Breeder cats can continue to reproduce until they are spayed or neutered. But it is recommended to retire the breeder cat at age 5 when the likelihood of having health problems is highest. 

How many litters can a registered cat have?

Cats can have 4 litters per year. 


Undoubtedly, these were the top Persian breeders in Texas. All the breeders on the list are CFA-registered that sell kittens with a health guarantee. They all raise their kittens as part of their family. Nevertheless, it is your obligation to take the kittens to the veterinarian after purchase. All of the breeders state that they sincerely want their kittens to find a loving home and receive excellent care. If you have any queries, they are ready to answer all your questions regarding the sale of their cats and kittens. 

Have you purchased any kittens from the cattery mentioned above? Share your experience with us.

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