Persian Kitten for sale in California: Persian Cat Breeders

Do you want to buy Persian cats in California? If so, this article is for you. We will provide you with a comprehensive list of Persian cat breeders in California who sell quality cats. These breeders sell a variety of cats and kittens. However, they specialize in breeding Persians. Their cats and kittens have a very appealing physical appearance. After reading this article, you can find the best one for you. Let’s get started! 

persian cat for sale in California

Why are Persian Cats so Popular in California? 

Persian cats are prized for having exquisitely appealing traits, including dollfaces and brachycephalic faces. Furthermore, Persians come in a variety of colors, including solids (blue, white, lilac, cream, and chocolate) and color points (blue, lilac, cream, and tortie points). These cats and kittens usually have blue eyes, tortoiseshells, bicolor, parti-color, tabby, smoke, and shaded, as well as chinchilla and Silver shag. Not to forget, they are known for being a cuddle buddy.  

The popularity of Persian cats in California is due to various factors. They are simple to take care of, for starters. They don’t mind being handled and are very amiable. Additionally, you could pay them a lot of attention. They enjoy being petted and scratched or having their nails cut. Being healthy, smart, and adorable makes them a lot of fun to be around. 

Where to buy a Persian Kitten in California? 

Persian kittens are available for sale in California, but you must know where to look. You should first give a local animal shelter or pet store a call. They will let you know if they have a Persian kitten for sale. If they do, they will tell you where to locate them. Check out the kitten there by going to the location. Make sure the kitten is healthy and free from disease. If you want to get a kitten from them, you will need to pay a fee. You can do that with cash or by using your credit card. 

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How to find the best Persian breeders in California? 

In California, there are numerous breeders, all of whom have varying levels of expertise. Even though some of them lack much experience, they have some excellent Persian cats. The best breeders in California have more than ten years of expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Persian cat. They are the ones who can provide you with a Persian cat that is both healthy and long-lived.  

After extensive research, Here are the top 10 trustworthy cat breeders in California. 

Top 10 Persian Kitten Breeders in California 

Kingsley Kitten

kingsley kittens

The award-winning Himalayan (colorpoint) Persians are Kingsley Kitten’s specialty. The breeder raises their cats in a loving, cage-free environment and is well-trained and fed only raw food. They enjoy producing kittens that adhere to California Pet Health Standards and are the most stunning and unique. The variety of kittens that are currently available includes Seal Lynx Point, Seal Lynx Torte, Cream Point, Flame Point, Blue Point, and Chocolate Point Himalayan Persian Kittens.

If you want to know about the available kittens for sale, visit their website. 

The cats here meet CFA standards and have been tested for PKD. Kingsley Kitten is also a TICA Atlantic Himalayan Club member. They are in the city of Arcadia, California. 

WindyValley Persians

Windy Valley Persian

WindyValley Persian is a small CFA-registered cattery specializing in multi-color and solid Persian cats. They have spaces for male and female Persian. The cattery is FeLV and PKD negative. The kittens are vaccinated and vegetarian checked. The breeder is Kelley Phillips. You can find the place in Murrieta, California, between San Diego and Riverside. For sales details, you will need to contact the breeder. 

Shadow Oak Persian

shadow oak Persian cattery

Shadow Oak Persian focuses on bi-colors, vans, and white Persian cats. The breeder has over 30 years of experience and has collaborated closely with the veterinarian. Terri Lyn Alexander is the breeder. The environment in which the cats and kittens are raised is hygienic and loving. The kittens are lovingly reared and have pleasant temperaments. They have both kittens and retired show cats for sale; you can email them for pictures. California’s Orangevale is the location.  

Katzino Persians

Katzino Persians

Katzino Persians have been around since 1990. It is specialized in breeding White Persians but now has copper and blue-eye white Persians with solid, parti, and bi-colors. Kittens are sold between 12-16 weeks of age with spayed or neutered contract vaccination and health guarantees. They have provided pictures of available kittens for sale or adoption on their website. You can locate them in Rocklin, California.   

Agape Persian

agape persian logo

Agape Persian is a PKD, FELV, and FIP negative cattery specializing in bi-colors and calicos, silver and golden Persians, dilute calicos, blue goldens, blue silvers, smokes, and recently added chocolate Persian cats. The kittens and cats are gorgeous, purebred Persians. According to them, their cats are raised in a family-oriented environment, friendly, litter-trained, and not afraid of dogs. A cat comes with a one-year health guarantee against genetic defects; to get notified of the new litters available, do follow them on Facebook. They are located in Dana Point, California. 

Kelskits Persian Kittens 

Kelly's silver and golden Persian kittens

Kelskits Persian Kittens are specialized in breeding silver-shaded Persian, chinchilla silver, and golden Persian kittens. Their cats are typically smaller, weigh 4 to 7 pounds, and have tested negative for PKD, FelV, FIV, and PCR. Their kitties have appeared in publications, including BUST magazine and Animal Planet’s “Musical Kittens,” which are adorable. Furthermore, they only sell their kittens to approved priors and do not permit the purchase of their kittens as gifts. For their available kittens and cats for sale, visit their website. The location of this cattery is Carlsbad, California.  

Dazzle M 

dazzle m Persian cat breeder

Silver and golden Persians and exotics are Dazzle M’s areas of expertise. Their primary goal is to produce kittens that satisfy CFA standards and are healthy, stunning, and sweet for the new owner. The kittens and cats are well cared for in a tidy environment. The kittens of the cattery are DNA tested and PKD negative. Therefore, this cattery is ideal if you’re interested in purchasing silver and golden Persian. If you are interested in buying their kittens, you can contact them for further inquiry. Sacramento, California, serves as the location.  

Gold bell Persian Cattery 

gold bell persian cattery

Gold Persian Cattery is a small cattery that specializes in Golden Persian cats. The kittens are raised in a warm and loving house. They are only for local pick-ups. They have uploaded images and videos of their feline available for sale. If you are searching for a location, Santa Monica, California is their place.  

Silver Estate Persians 

silver state Persian cattery

Silver Estate Persians is CFA registered cattery that specializes in silver and Golden Persians. They are Regional Awards Winner and Grand Champions. They have provided pictures of their beautiful kittens that are available for sale. Their cats and kittens are in excellent health and have loving personalities. They are located in California.  

Dreamdoll Persians 

Dreamdoll Persians 

Beautiful dollface Persian is a specialty of Dreamdoll Persians. The family owns the cattery, which is also CFA-registered. They are renowned for breeding gorgeous, sweet-tempered, doll-faced Persian kittens in a spectrum of colors. Pictures of their adorable kittens are provided on their site; you can reserve them there. The lovely kittens receive frequent attention and affection. San Diego, California, is the location.  


What to do when you get your first cat? 

Place them in a small, cozy, quiet room with constant attention, and remember to feed them kitten formula every three hours. If you’re still unsure, get advice from a veterinarian. 

How to choose the best cat breeder? 

A reputable breeder should have CFA-registered cats, have their cats tested for any health issues, and be concerned about where their cats end up. 

Is it necessary for cats and kittens to be CFA registered? 

Yes, it is essential. Breeders may not be reliable if they are not registered. 


To get the best quality cats on sale, we recommend that you look at the breeders listed above. Likewise, a reputed cat breeder is an ideal place to get a Persian cat. You can locate a reliable breeder by contacting the listed breeders or neighborhood cat clubs. Additionally, you can look for a trustworthy breeder online. Once you have located a breeder, it is critical to ascertain whether they have a pedigree. Additionally, you want to enquire about the kittens’ well-being and temperament and verify the breeder’s reputation before buying from them. 

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