Persian Kittens For Sale in New York: Genuine Cat Breeders List 

Persian cats and kittens for sale in New York via reputable breeders

Persian kittens are domestic cats native to the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Their distinct body length, color, and pattern set them apart. Their fur is typically lavender, fawn, or blue, with bi- or tri-color patterns. Persian kittens are as playful as other kittens but are smarter.  

The cost of a Persian kitten is determined by its quality and doll-face appearance due to its high demand and affectionate nature toward humans. They are also regarded as one of the world’s most commercially profitable cat breeds. Persian kittens are highly classified by their luxurious, silky coats and smushed faces. Kittens must be groomed regularly to keep their soft texture. The most common patterns are Torbie (tortoiseshell), bicolor, and solid. Persian kittens have small ears and large, expressive eyes. Their nose is black, and they have a stocky, compact build. 

Whether you’re looking to adopt your first feline friend or have discovered your affinity for Persian cats, several breeders in New York City will meet your needs. However, before you decide on which Persian cat breeder to go with, there are several things that you need to consider first: 

What to Look for in a Persian cat breeder?

Several breeders sell Persian cats and kittens in New York, so look for a few characteristics in the breeder before committing to purchasing one of their kittens. These characteristics will assist you in determining whether or not the breeder is reputable and will ensure that you receive a healthy, happy cat that you can keep for many years to come. Reputable breeders will meet your requirements. The breeder should be able to help you find what you’re looking for and make recommendations. The breeder should be eager to answer your queries. 

The Price of Owning a Purebred Persian Cat 

Several factors influence the cost of owning a purebred Persian cat. A kitten from a breeder varies depending on the cat’s or kitten’s quality: pet quality and show quality. Breeders may charge 700$ or more for a show-quality purebred Persian kitten. Show-quality cats and kittens meet all of the requirements of the Cats Association. They are also treated with high-quality foods, fancy grooming, and many more to produce top-quality Persians. 

Persian Cat for Sale in New York: Top 10 Breeders

There are many Persian breeders in New York. They are experts in breeding and caring for these beautiful animals. They have a deep knowledge of the Persian breed and work hard to ensure that each one is healthy and happy. Likewise, they take dignity in their work and love to see their animals thrive. Having said that, let’s get started with the breeders and the different Persian cats for sale in New York by them.

Sterlingpaws Persians

sterlingpaws cat breeder in new york

Sterlingpaws Persians specializes in the breeding of silver chinchilla Persian kittens. They are a CFA-registered cattery that is also veterinarian-certified and dedicated to breeding healthy kittens. Similarly, the kittens are described as adorable, sweet, and hygienic. They are in Sue Horwedel-New York, USA. Likewise, to know more, visit their Facebook page. They sell Persian chinchilla kittens.

Sharada Persians

Sharada Persians

Sharada Persians is another CFA-registered cattery specializing in raising solids and white, blue, odd, and copper-eyed Persians. They have recently added bicolor and van Persians to their program. They have separated their cats into small groups, providing the space the kittens require while meeting their needs. In addition, you can also view photos of their cats and show kittens on their website. They are currently in Oceanside, New York. They have female tortie CEW female, red tabby male, and white cats for sale.

The Kitten Palace

The Kitten Palace

The Kitten Palace is known for its Teacup Persian kittens, silver doll-face Persians, and Himalayan kittens, where the queen and sire are both from champion bloodlines. Tiny and adorable teacup silver Persians weighing five to seven pounds are available. The cats who reproduce beautiful kittens are carefully nurtured here. They raise their kittens by hand. All of their kittens are free of feline AIDS, leukemia, ringworm, and PKD. They are highly confident that their kittens will be a forever-loving companion, whether you are searching for a show cat or a family pet. They are a registered CFA cattery located in Scotia, New York. In addition, they have top-quality Persian teacup white and silver doll-faced pedigreed kittens available for sale.

Beautiful Persian Kittens

Beautiful Persian Kittens

Beautiful Persian Kittens specializes in silver chinchilla Persian breeding. They have 30 years of breeding experience. Their kittens have been DNA tested for health issues and are PDK-free, cage-free, and loved. They have dearheart silver chinchilla cats for sale in Manhattan, New York.

Love Persians Cattery

Love Persians Cattery

Love Persian Cattery specializes in breeding silver chinchillas and shaded silver Persians. It is a small PKD-free, FELV/FIV-negative CFA registered cattery. Champion line Persians are bred here. The kittens are raised as family members. They also devote time to training their kittens to be lifelong companions. Their kittens have been featured in publications such as Bazaar, Elle, and PUSS PUSS Magazine. They are located in Long Island, New York. They sell silver chinchilla and shaded silver with blue or green eye Persian.

Cute Kitten Hub

cute kitten hub

Cute Kitten hub is a small home that breeds rare silver Persian and Himalayan kittens. The kittens are all cage-free and treated as their own. They are located in upstate New York. You can find both silver and Himalayan Persian kittens for sale here.

Ahmischi Persian

Ahmischi Persian

Ahmischi Persian is a CFA-registered cattery that specializes in breeding Himalayan and CPC Persian cats, including lynx points and tabbies. They have produced four regional winners and a natural color winner over the years. Likewise, their cats have undergone PKD testing and are cat kingpin certified. They can be found in the lovely Finger Lakes region of Canandaigua, New York. For more information, go to their website or their Facebook page. You can find Himalayan CPC Persian cats for sale.

Furry Dream

furry dream

Furry Dream specializes in Himalayan, chinchilla, and pedigree kitten breeding. Their cats are available for adoption and sale. They also sell cat products and are professionally groomed. They have Himalayan and chinchilla cats and kittens in Brooklyn, New York.

Contact the breeders to get informed about any cats that may be for sale.

NY Cats Cattery 

NY Cats Cattery 

NY Cats Cattery specializes in shorthair Persian Kittens where all the kittens are CFA registered, dewormed, and PKD negative. They provide a 72-hour health guarantee. They are located in New York. As for sales available, check their website

Celebrities cattery 

celebraties cattery

Celebrities Cattery specializes in exotic, Persian, and Himalayan breeds. They are Cat Kingpin certified. 

Contact them to learn more about the current sales. They are located in James Stone, New York. 


How much does a kitten cost in New York? 

Purchasing a kitten can cost anywhere from 100$ to 3000$ or more. If you want to adopt a kitten, the cost may be less. 

Why are purebred/pedigreed kittens so expensive? 

Simply due to the high cost of breeding. 

What breed of a kitten is inexpensive? 

Shorthair, Himalayan, and Turkish van cats are thought to be the most cost-effective breeds. Though, it varies depending on the breeder. 


Persian Breeders are the best option if you’re looking to adopt a purebred Persian kitten. Breeders ensure that the kitten is healthy and fits in with your lifestyle. Many breeders also offer a health guarantee, and they ensure that the kittens are free from health issues like PKD and are dewormed. Also, some breeders allow you to return the kitten if something goes wrong. Take your time to find an excellent breeder who can assist you in finding the best Persian cat for your needs and lifestyle. Consider the previously mentioned cat breeders from this article. 

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