Best Food & Water Bowls for Persian Cats

Best Food & Water Bowls for Persian Cat

If you are the proud owner of a Persian cat, you are aware that their food and water dishes should only be the best. Due to their distinctive facial features and lengthy hair, Persian cats have particular requirements. Your Persian cat’s health and well-being are just as important as beauty when choosing the correct bowl for them.

Having a Persian cat in your home gives you happiness and company. To maintain their comfort and pleasure, these gorgeous feline creatures need specific care. Although they stand out because of their plush coat and lovely faces, it’s crucial to realize that their particular facial structure necessitates great thought when it comes to feeding.

To address that, we’ll look at the variables to take into account when choosing the right bowl, highlight our top recommendations for the finest bowls for Persian cats, and stress how crucial it is to make the right choice.

A Glance at the Best Bowls for Persian Cats

ProducttsMain Features
BadgeDr. Catsby's Whisker Relief Food Bowl 

Dr. Catsby’s Whisker Relief Food Bowl 

  • Has a shallow design 
  • Sanitary than plastic
  • Constructed using kitchen-grade stainless steel
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CatGuru Whisker Stress-Free Cat Food Bowl

CatGuru Whisker Stress-Free Cat Food Bowl

  • Features a rippled shallow shape that is patentable. 
  • Created with BPA-free melamine
  • Safe to wash in the dishwasher
Pawaii Ceramic Combined Type Elevated Cat Bowl

Pawaii Ceramic Combined Type Elevated Cat Bowl

  • The whisker-friendly shallow base design 
  • Made from selected quality ceramic materials
  • Safe for use in the microwave and dishwasher
Elevated Tilted Raised Cat Food Ceramic Bowls

Elevated Tilted Raised Cat Food Ceramic Bowls

  • Tilted raised cat bowls
  • Includes two ceramic round bowls.
  • Enduring and easily cleanable 
Make Sure Ceramic Cat Food Bowl

Make Sure Ceramic Cat Food Bowl

  • Two-in-one design bowl
  • Created from 100% food-grade ceramic
  • Super-wide and shallow design
CatGuru Cat Water Bowl Whisker Stress-Free 

CatGuru Cat Water Bowl Whisker Stress-Free 

  • Patent-pending design with elevated backside 
  • Made of melamine that is BPA-free.
  • Safe to wash in a dishwasher
iBard Dual Purpose Slanted Sterile Tableware Feeding Watering Supplies Food Bowl 

iBard Dual Purpose Slanted Sterile Tableware Feeding Watering Supplies Food Bowl 

  • Separated into two sections: the bottom base and the food bowl.
  • 100% high-grade, BPA-free PP material was used to make this product.
  • Exceptional 360° free tilt design

Understanding the Needs of Persian Cats

Persian cats are distinguished by their flat face, short nose, and expressive, big eyes. Their facial form frequently creates difficulties with breathing, eating, and drinking. It’s critical to choose a bowl that meets their particular requirements and lessens any discomfort they could feel while eating.

Factors to Consider while Choosing a Bowl

In order to guarantee your Persian cat has the best possible dining experience, you need to consider a number of criteria while selecting a bowl.

Size and Depth

The bowl’s size and depth must be taken into account. Persian cats frequently have shorter noses and flatter faces, which makes it challenging for them to reach deep into bowls. Choose shallower, wider dishes so your cat may easily access their food without having to exert themselves.


Another important consideration is the bowl’s material selection. Due to their sensitivity, Persian cats are known to experience allergic responses or even chin acne when exposed to specific materials. Because they are hypoallergenic, simple to clean, and substantial enough to avoid tipping, ceramic bowls are frequently chosen.


Even while the design might appear to be less relevant, it actually has a big impact. Persian cats have long hair, and because of the shape of their faces, food or water may become entrapped in the fur. To avoid spills and keep their fur clean, look for bowls with smooth surfaces and take into account those with a slightly raised rim.

Top recommendations for the finest bowls for Persian cats

1. Dr. Catsby’s Whisker Relief Food Bowl

Dr. Catsby's Whisker Relief Food Bowl

Dr. Catsby’s Whisker Relief Food Bowl is a remarkable product designed to cater to the specific needs of Persian cats during mealtime. Its original wide dish has a shallow shape that prevents food from becoming caught and lowers the possibility of overfeeding. This feeding bowl offers your Persian cat a stress-free dining experience thanks to a proprietary design that focuses on preventing whisker fatigue.

Dr. Catsby’s Whisker Relief Food Bowl excels in terms of safety. It is a more hygienic choice than plastic because it is made of kitchen-grade stainless steel. The non-toxic and non-allergenic nature of this dish reduces the possibility of any negative reactions in your pet. In addition, stainless steel won’t absorb bacteria and might even help prevent feline acne, leading to better general cleanliness for your Persian cat.

The food bowl is expertly constructed from sturdy, hygienic stainless steel for the kitchen. Because it can go in the dishwasher, maintenance is simple. The Dr. Catsby’s Whisker Relief Food Bowl is a great option for your Persian cat’s feeding needs because it includes a food-grade silicone non-slip mat to avoid sliding on the floor and give stability when eating.


  • prevents overfeeding and doesn’t get stuck
  • non-allergic and non-toxic
  • comes with a non-slip mat made of food-grade silicone to keep the bowl from slipping on the floor.


  • does not help to spill over the edge

2. CatGuru Whisker Stress-Free Cat Food Bowl

CatGuru Whisker Stress-Free Cat Food Bowl

The CatGuru Whisker Stress-Free Cat Food Bowl is a cutting-edge product made to improve the dining experience for your Persian cat. Its innovative shallow shape with ripples makes it simple for cats to access food, preventing whisker fatigue and keeping their faces clean while eating. The bowl won’t slide around on the floor because of the non-slip legs, which also prevent frustration.

This cat food bowl is safe for your pet because it is made of melamine, which is BPA-free. It discourages overeating and encourages portion management by holding up to 5 ounces of dry or wet food. The bowl’s saucer-like shape specifically caters to the requirements of cats, offering whisker relief and a stress-free mealtime.

The CatGuru Whisker Stress-Free Cat Food Bowl is not only functional but also long-lasting. It is less noisy than stainless steel dishes and more durable than ceramic bowls. Additionally, unlike plastic dishes, it doesn’t absorb odors, allowing your Persian cat to feed in a fresh and hygienic atmosphere. The bowl can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher. However, it shouldn’t be microwaved. It is advised to use the CatGuru cat food mat tray in conjunction with the dish for best results.

The CatGuru Whisker Stress-Free Cat Food Bowl is covered by U.S. and international patents and measures 6.6″ x 6.6″ x 1.2″. The product is backed by a 100% happiness guarantee to meet your demands. The company is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for both you and your Persian cat, therefore, if you are not completely satisfied with the bowl, just contact them for a replacement or refund.


  • Minimizes whisker fatigue
  • Prevents overeating by holding 5 ounces of dry or wet food. 
  • Compared to stainless steel cat dishes, they create less noise.


  • It is not stain-proof

3. Pawaii Ceramic Combined Type Elevated Cat Bowl

Pawaii Ceramic Combined Type Elevated Cat Bowl

Feeding your Persian cat is made simple and practical with the Pawaii Ceramic Combined Type Elevated Cat Bowl. Both a bowl and a dish, which may be used individually or stacked together to provide your cat with a comfortable eating experience, are delivered to you with one order. Due to the set’s adaptability, you can alter the feeding arrangement to suit your cat’s tastes.

The wide opening and shallow base of the whisker-friendly cat bowl, which was created with your cat’s health in mind, help prevent whiskers from rubbing against one another when eating. In order to maintain a clean eating area, the inside wall is smooth and curved. Stability and assurance are provided by the elevated cat bowl’s stable base, which stops it from slipping or toppling over. Your Persian cat can enjoy their meals without any worries or disruptions.

Safety is a top concern, thus this elevated ceramic cat bowl is composed of high-quality ceramic material. It has been lead-free tested by a third-party lab and is specifically created for the nutritious feeding of your cat. By ensuring that their food is served in a secure and non-toxic setting, you may help your cat’s general health.

The Pawaii Ceramic Elevated Cat Bowl is made to be ease to use. Cleaning after each usage is simple because of its dishwasher safety. It is also microwave-safe, so if necessary, you can reheat the food for your cat.

This porcelain cat food bowl has a large volume of 6.8 oz and can hold both dry and wet food, making it appropriate for different feeding preferences. Its large capacity guarantees that your Persian cat will have enough room for a hearty supper.


  •  bowl is lead-free 
  • can also be heated in the microwave.
  • has a volume of 6.8 oz which is a substantial size.


  •  makes a scraping noise

4. Elevated Tilted Raised Cat Food Ceramic Bowls

Elevated Tilted Raised Cat Food Ceramic Bowls

The Elevated Tilted Raised Cat Food Ceramic Bowls are made to make dining time for your feline pets more pleasant. This elevated cat bowl may be the ideal solution if you’ve observed that your cat eats with their head down or has trouble digesting. The tilting bowl’s design lessens strain on your cat’s neck and lowers the possibility of post-meal illness. The elevated cat bowl frees your cat’s neck and back from the unnecessary effort of lifting the food off the ground. Older cats with spinal issues will benefit most from this set.

These raised cat dishes have a tilted angle design that puts your cat’s comfort first. This bowl set reduces occasional vomiting by removing the need for your cat to stoop over to feed. Your kitty friend will have a sturdy and fashionable dining experience thanks to the water-resistant stand and premium ceramic dishes. 

Each of the two ceramic bowls in the set has a diameter of roughly 4.7 inches. To keep the set firmly in place while dining, the base, which measures approximately 11.8 by 5.9 inches, has anti-slip feet. For your beloved Persian cat or small dog, these simple-to-clean ceramic bowls are the ideal size, offering both solidity and beauty in one container.

The Elevated Tilted Raised Cat Food Ceramic Bowls are simple to clean. The strong stand can be cleaned with a cloth, and the tilting cat food bowls are also easily washable. The bowls can be easily washed by hand, and for added convenience, they are also dishwasher safe. 


  • Tilted raised cat bowls
  • includes a non-slip foot to prevent the set from slipping around the floor when cats are eating.
  • come with a solid stand that is easier to cleaned with a cloth.


  • could be more elevated

5. Make Sure Ceramic Cat Food Bowl

Make Sure Ceramic Cat Food Bowl

For giving dry and wet food to kittens and adult cats at various life stages, the Make Sure Ceramic Cat Food Bowl features a novel 2-in-1 design that enables you to connect two separate bowls. The bowls are simple to put together and take apart as needed thanks to the bayonet fitting mechanism.

This dish, which measures 6.6 inches in diameter and is extremely wide and shallow, was made with your Persian cat’s comfort in mind. By lowering whisker stress, you can make sure that your pet can eat without discomfort or annoyance. It’s vital to remember that Persian cats frequently have delicate whiskers, which can substantially improve their enjoyment of meals.

Additionally, the raised bowl’s design encourages a more relaxed and natural eating and drinking position, which helps safeguard your cat’s spine and joints. This is particularly advantageous for Persian cats, who may be more prone to specific joint and bone problems. The elevated posture of the bowl makes eating more comfortable and healthful for your pet by lowering the possibility of vomiting or other digestive issues during mealtime.

Since the Make Sure Ceramic Cat Food Bowl is made entirely of food-grade ceramic, your feline can use it without fear of harm. Ceramic is popular for its easy cleaning and maintenance as well as its hygienic qualities. It only requires a quick wash in soapy water to be prepared for the following meal. Additionally, you may select a color scheme that complements your home’s decor and provides your cat with a chic mealtime experience from the bowl’s four aesthetically beautiful color palettes.


  • It is risk-free, toxic-free, and simple to clean. 
  • encourages a more natural, relaxed posture while eating and drinking
  • Two-in-one structure that enables you to join two different bowls


  • not as big as other elevated bowls

6. CatGuru Cat Water Bowl Whisker Stress-Free

CatGuru Cat Water Bowl Whisker Stress-Free

To help your Persian cat’s whiskers feel less stressed, choose the useful and visually beautiful CatGuru Cat Water Bowl. Its wide form and raised rear, which is part of its revolutionary design, relieve your cat’s whiskers and encourage higher water consumption.

This pet water bowl is constructed of BPA-free melamine and is especially suited for your four-legged pals, assuring their safety and well-being. Compared to ceramic cat dishes, it is more durable and less noisy than stainless steel cat dishes. In addition, unlike plastic pet bowls, it does not retain odors. The bowl can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher, but don’t put it in the microwave. Combine it with the CatGuru cat food table, CatGuru Food Mat, or CatGuru Food Hard Tray for best results.

The CatGuru Cat Water Bowl’s 6.8 x 6.5 x 2.5-inch size allows it to carry 2 cups of water, which is more than enough to meet your Persian cat’s demands for hydration. The authenticity and originality of their product are guaranteed by U.S. and international patents and trademarks. Therefore, The CatGuru Cat Water Bowl will improve your Persian cat’s drinking experience by relieving whisker stress and promoting hydration. 


  • has a raised rear with a patented design that stops water from overflowing. 
  • made of melamine that is BPA-free.
  • make less noise than stainless steel. 


  • Some consumers have complained about the small size of the bowl.

7. iBard Dual Purpose Slanted Sterile Tableware Feeding Watering Supplies Food Bowl

iBard Dual Purpose Slanted Sterile Tableware Feeding Watering Supplies Food Bowl

The iBard Dual Purpose Slanted Sterile Tableware is a multipurpose feeding and watering option that is perfect for a variety of tiny cats and dogs, especially those with flat faces like French Bulldogs and Pugs. The two components of this novel tableware—a food bowl and a bottom base—offer simplicity and usefulness.

The iBard tableware’s premium 360-degree free tilt design lets pet owners flexibly alter the bowl position, offering the optimal feeding posture for their four-legged pets. This special feature encourages healthy eating practices and guarantees a relaxing meal experience.

A unique raised bowl on the board dinnerware prevents food and liquids from spilling. It successfully contains spillage by directing the food toward the center, keeping the feeding area tidy, and reducing waste. Mealtime will be a breeze because of this design’s simple and hygienic feeding capabilities.

The iBard dinnerware puts a priority on security, toughness, and cleanliness and is made from 100% food-grade BPA-free PP material. The material is long-lasting and easy to clean for your convenience. It is also resistant to wear and strain.


  • created so that the pet owner can adjust the bowl’s position as needed
  • Made entirely out of high-grade, BPA-free PP material.


  • the materials may be too soft for some cats who likes to bite on things.


Can I use regular bowls for my Persian cats?

Regular bowls can be used for your Persian cat, but they might not provide the same level of ease and comfort as whisker stress-free bowls. Regular bowls could put stress on your cat’s neck and whiskers, reducing their enjoyment of meals. To meet their specific demands, it is advised to use whisker stress-free bowls for Persian cats

How should I clean cat bowls?

Cat bowls need to be cleaned frequently to preserve hygiene. With warm water and mild dish soap, you can safely wash the majority of bowls. Avoid using aggressive cleaners or anything that could scratch the bowl’s surface. Before adding new food or water, always make sure the bowls are completely dry.

Where can I purchase bowls for my Persian cat?

Cat bowls for Persians can be found in many pet supply stores, both offline and online. They can also be obtained from trustworthy online vendors or specialty cat accessories shops. Make sure you select a reputable merchant who offers things that are both high-quality and secure.


It’s important to carefully evaluate your Persian cat’s unique needs while choosing the best food and water bowls. Here are some important things to remember. Choose small food bowls that your cat may easily access without having to stretch his or her face. Look for materials that are bacterial-resistant, long-lasting, and easy to clean, such as ceramic or stainless steel. If your cat has long hair, you might want to think about using a mat or base that won’t slide.

To accommodate your Persian cat’s facial anatomy when choosing water bowls, pick ones that are wide and shallow. For their hygiene and durability, materials like ceramic or stainless steel are suggested. Stability and spill avoidance can both be achieved with a non-slip foundation or mat. Be mindful of your cat’s unique preferences and any necessary special considerations, such as bowls made to reduce stress on the whiskers.

To choose the ideal food and water bowls for your Persian cat, keep in mind that every cat is different, so pay attention to how it behaves and what it eats. Your beloved Persian companion will have a pleasant and delightful dining experience if you put their comfort, cleanliness, and special needs first.

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