Can Ragdolls Be Black? Black Ragdoll Cat Breed Information

This is a question that gets asked very frequently. Since Ragdolls are known for their snowy white coat, it’s understandable why people can’t believe they come in black.

But yes, Ragdolls can be black, and they are just as beautiful as their white counterparts. However, they are not recognized by the major Ragdoll breeders’ association because they don’t meet the Ragdoll coat standard.

solid black ragdoll cat

What are the official Ragdoll Colors and Patterns?

There are six standard colors for Ragdolls: seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, and cream. There are also four accepted patterns: colorpoint, mitted, bicolor, and van.

Standard Ragdolls colors

Blue – The color blue can range from a light powder blue to a deep navy.

Chocolate – A rich brown with warm undertones called “Fawn.”

Lilac – A lighter, pinkish-beige color. Often referred to as the lavender Ragdoll cat color for its pastel shade.

Red – Red Ragdolls are a rich auburn color. They are also known as flame points or orange tabby in other breeds.

Cream – Cream Ragdolls have cream-colored coats with white points (face, paws, chest) like the blue and seal Ragdolls.

Seal – Seal Ragdolls are dark brown with warm undertones. Their darker color makes the white points stand out more clearly than other colored cats.

The common patterns are:

Colorpoint – This is the most common pattern for purebred Ragdoll cats. It has white paws, chest, muzzle, and stomach, but the rest of the body is colored in one of the six standard colors listed above. Colorpoints also have blue eyes, which is a unique feature.

Mitted – This pattern has all the features of colorpoint except it also has white mittens on the front paws and white “boots” on the back ones, similar to a rabbit. White “spats” may be present but are not required for this pattern.

Bicolor – Bicolor’s are white cats with one other color. They can have any of the six standard colors, but chocolate and lilac are the most common.

Van – The van pattern is a bicolor but more white on the body. It has a half-mask and usually some white on the feet and tail.

There are also many “nonstandard” colors and patterns that are not recognized by the breeders’ association, but they are just as beautiful. These include black, torbie (a mix of tortoiseshell and tabby), cream point (cream with colorpoint markings), and lynx point (tabby pattern with colorpoint markings).

Why Black Ragdoll Cat not recognized as a purebred Ragdoll?

The major Ragdoll breeders’ association does not recognize the black Ragdoll cat because they don’t meet Ragdoll’s coat standard. The coat standard requires a light-colored body with darker points on the ears, face, feet, and tail.

A black Ragdoll cat has a solid black coat which disqualifies it from being considered a purebred Ragdoll.

Since the Ragdoll cat breed was created in the 1960s, all cats that were used to create the breed had to have a white coat. This is because the founder of Ragdolls, Ann Baker, believed that only white cats could produce offspring with the desired characteristics of a Ragdoll. So even though black Ragdolls have been around since the beginning, they are not considered purebred Ragdolls because they don’t meet the coat standard.

What about their eyes?

No matter what color a Ragdoll is, they will always have blue eyes. This is one of the defining characteristics of these beautiful cats! They can also be green or gold but most often they are a deep shade of cobalt blue that matches their coats perfectly.

How do you know if your Black Cat is a Ragdoll?

A Black Ragdoll still has the same characteristics as other Ragdoll Cats, but with solid darker color over its entire body.

They are large and muscular cats with soft and silky coats. They have the same blue eyes and sweet temperament that is characteristic of Ragdolls.

Black Ragdolls varient

There are several ways that a Ragdoll can be black.

It can be completely black from nose to tail with no white markings at all, it can have colorpoint markings on its face and front legs but the rest of the body is black (this is called a “seal”), or any combination thereof.

Some of its variants are as follows:

Black Points

A cat with black points is called an Oriental Longhair, but they are also found in the Ragdoll breed. Their points will always be black, no matter what their coat color is – seal point or mitted. An interesting fact about this type of cat is that it is always male, because of the way genes are inherited.

Black Coat Color

chocolate seal point ragdoll cat

Black coat color can be found in all patterns and colors of Ragdolls: seal point, blue point, chocolate point or lilac point, and mitted or bi-color. The only exception to this rule is the lynx pattern (more on that later).

Black Smoke

black smoke ragdoll cat sitting comfortably

A black smoke Ragdoll has a coat that is tipped with black and the undercoat is a light color, like cream or white. This pattern can be found in any of the main colors – seal point, blue point, chocolate point, or lilac point.

Solid Black Ragdoll

can ragdoll cat be black

A solid black Ragdoll is just what it sounds like – a cat with a black coat from head to toe. This color can only be found in the mitted pattern and it is very rare.

Black and White Ragdoll Cat

white and black ragdoll cat

A black and white Ragdoll cat is commonly called a tuxedo cat. When people hear this term, they usually think of a small or medium-sized domestic shorthair with a black coat and white paws, chest, belly, and throat area. However, there are also some cats in the Ragdoll breed that are tuxedos. These cats have a solid black coat with white markings on their chest, belly, and paws.

Temperament & Intelligence of the Black Ragdoll Cat

The Black Ragdoll cat has a sweet, gentle, and loving temperament. They are very affectionate towards their owners and other people they know well but don’t like strangers at all which makes them good guard cats.

They love to play with children but can be shy when meeting new people so it’s important that they be introduced slowly.

Black Ragdolls are intelligent and can learn to do tricks like sit, stay and come when called. They are also very good at solving problems – for example, figuring out how to open cupboards or get into places they shouldn’t be!

How Much Does a Black Ragdoll Cost?

Black Ragdolls usually cost a little bit more than other colors because they are not as common. You can expect to pay anywhere from $400-$2500 for a kitten, depending on the breeder and location.

Lifespan of the Black Ragdoll Cat

The average lifespan for a black ragdoll cat is 12-15 years, although some have been reported living up to 20 years!

They are healthy cats compared to other cats however, some genetic defects may pass down like many other breeds. Thus, they have a long life expectancy.

Are Black Ragdolls very common?

Black Ragdolls are actually quite rare and only account for about 5% of the total population. This is because the gene for solid black is recessive, which means that two parents must carry it in order to produce a kitten with this trait.

Male vs Female Black Ragdolls: What’s The Difference?

Male Black Ragdolls tend to be larger than females, but there is no difference in temperament or personality between them.

Your Ragdoll personality depends more on genetics and environment than gender.

So, It’s necessary to buy a kitten from a reputable breeder to ensure that you are getting a healthy and well-socialized kitten.

How to Take Care of Your Black Ragdoll Cat?

Black Ragdolls are easy to care for – they just need a good quality diet, plenty of water, and regular vet checkups.

They should be groomed at least twice a week using a soft brush to keep their coat healthy and free from knots and mats.

Black Ragdoll cats like to climb and play so it’s important that their owner provides them with toys and activities to keep them entertained.

Do Black Ragdolls Shed?

All cats shed, but some do so more than others. The black ragdoll cat is a medium-long-haired breed which means they will shed heavily in spring and fall when the weather changes.

If you want to reduce the amount of shedding and hair around your house, then it’s best if you brush them daily during these times.

A black ragdoll cat owner needs to be prepared for a lot more hair than other shorthair breeds because they have longer fur that is not as easy to keep up with brushing.

Can Black Ragdolls Go Outside?

Black ragdoll cats are indoor pets. Even though they love to play and be active, you should never let them go outside unattended. It’s very dangerous for them due to traffic or other animals that could hurt your cat.

It is also not good for their health to be in the sun too long or to get wet – they are more susceptible to skin cancer and other health problems


So, the answer to the question “Can Ragdolls be black?” is yes – there are black Ragdolls out there! They are a beautiful color and make great pets. If you are interested in owning one, be sure to do your research on the breed first to ensure that it is the right cat for you. And remember, they require a lot of grooming so be prepared for lots of hair around the house!

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