5 Best Triangle Cat Scratchers in 2024

Best triangle Cat Scratchers

Every cat owner is aware of the importance of having a decent cat scratcher to keep your feline friend amused and your furniture free of scratches. What if, however, we told you that there is a type of cat scratcher that combines usefulness with a lovely appearance? Discover the best of triangle cat scratchers, a novel and space-saving design that has won the hearts of both cats and the people who care for them. 

At a Glance: Top Pick on Triangle Cat Scratchers

Fukumaru 3-Sided Triangle Vertical Ramp Cat Scratching Post
Fukumaru 3-Sided Triangle Vertical Ramp Cat Scratching Post
  • Offers various scratching surfaces from different angles.
  • Includes a cozy tunnel opening for cat napping.
  • Tested in accordance with global safety standards.
Fhiny 3-Sided Triangle Cardboard Cat Scratching Pad Scratch Post 
Fhiny 3-Sided Triangle Cardboard Cat Scratching Pad Scratch Post 
  • Crafted from corrugated cardboard with an extra sturdy twist.
  • Designed with generous proportions at 21″×9.8″×18.1″
Tigoadt Triangle Cat Corrugated Cardboard Bed Scratcher
Tigoadt Triangle Cat Corrugated Cardboard Bed Scratcher
  • versatile 6-sided scratcher.
  •  a cozy bed cave
  • dimensions of 18.7 x 8.9 x 16.1 inches
Petsfit Triangle Cats House Cave Cat Scratcher 
Petsfit Triangle Cats House Cave Cat Scratcher 
  • multipurpose, two-in-one cat scratcher 
  • Soft cat cave and one-side scratching pad.
  •  bed’s cove is detachable and washable as well.
Furhaven one size Cardboard Corrugated Cat Scratcher Hideout 
Furhaven one size Cardboard Corrugated Cat Scratcher Hideout 
  • triangle-shaped tent pattern
  • corrugated exterior 
  • Available in both tan and teal variants

Why Triangle Cat Scratchers?

Triangle cat scratchers are unique among cat furniture for a number of reasons. Their unusual triangular shape gives your home a contemporary feel while also satisfying your cat’s inherent inclinations. Triangle cat scratchers give cats numerous angles to satisfy their impulses to scratch, stretch, and play.

Imagine your cat enthusiastically scratching, using all of its muscles, and expelling any stored energy. A great space-saving option for any household, from modest apartments to roomy houses, their compact design also fits neatly into corners.

5 Best Triangle Cat Scratchers

1. Fukumaru 3-Sided Triangle Vertical Ramp Cat Scratching Post

Fukumaru 3-Sided Triangle Vertical Ramp Cat Scratching Post

With dimensions of 20.8 x 18.1 x 9.8 inches, this scratching post is more than simply cat furniture; it’s a cat’s dream come true.  This scratching board is produced with care from high-quality recyclable corrugated cardboard. That means it’s not just environmentally friendly but also extremely durable. This triangle wonder rotates for six times the use and has better construction that outlasts many other scratchers! 

With its unique vertical shape that taps into your kitten’s natural inclinations and horizontal scratching choices, your cat can choose their preferred way to relax.   It’s not only a scratcher; it’s also a cat play tunnel! Watch your kitty dive in, investigate, and have a good time. 


  • Fits nicely in compact spaces
  • All materials meet international safety standards.
  • Tunnel-shaped cardboard scratcher.


  • Some consumers reported having problems with assembly.

2. Fhiny 3-Sided Triangle Cardboard Cat Scratching Pad Scratch Post

Fhiny 3-Sided Triangle Cardboard Cat Scratching Pad Scratch Post 

The triangle cat scratching post from Fhiny is not only strong but also environmentally beneficial as it is made of thickened corrugated cardboard. There won’t be any paper fragments left behind for your cat to scratch at. They can scratch every side more easily because of the special double-face design of each cardboard panel, which makes for endless hours of scratching amusement.

Its dimensions of 21″9.8″18.1″ make it perfect for most cats, and its 6x rotatable use is an added plus. This scratcher is contemporary and elegant, and it also functions as a chic decoration for any room in your house. 


  • features a clever double-face design for easy scratching on all sides.
  • Unlock six times the scratching potential with its rotating feature.


  • During energetic scratching, a tad of wobble can occur, though it’s minor.

 3. Tigoadt Triangle Cat Corrugated Cardboard Bed Scratcher

Tigoadt Triangle Cat Corrugated Cardboard Bed Scratcher

This scratcher, which is made of high-density corrugated cardboard, is impenetrable to even the nastiest claws. You can rotate, flip, and replace worn-out parts to extend the life of the hard corrugated board, which has three sides, which is a wise approach to avoid having to buy replacements. But it goes further than that! This three-sided wonder also functions as a comfy cat hideaway. 

The Velcro tape design makes assembly simple, and the 18.7 x 8.9 x 16.1-inch size is ideal for most cats, especially those under 8 pounds. Three little catnip pouches have been added to the packaging to further enhance your cat’s enjoyment.


  • 6 usable sides
  • Inclusion of catmint
  • Construction made of recyclable corrugated cardboard


  • Not ideal for big or multi-pet households, according to some users.

4. Petsfit Triangle Cats House Cave Cat Scratcher 

Petsfit Triangle Cats House Cave Cat Scratcher 

You’ll immediately notice its unique triangle shape, which combines a strong scratching mat with a plush cat cave. This structure’s geometry is not just beautiful to look at; it is created to be sturdy and long-lasting. You don’t have to worry about your cat being hurt while having fun with their new scratch post because it is completely safe for them.

It always remains clean and welcoming thanks to the changeable and washable scratching pad. Even the cover of the cat bed is detachable and washable. The cherry on top is that it saves space on furniture! Your sofa, drapes, bedding, flooring, and other items are protected from any harm by the wide and curved scratcher lounge, which also keeps your cats comfortable while satisfying their scratching needs.


  • Dual role as a cat scratcher and a cozy cave or bed
  • Thicken solid wood construction
  • Expansive, curving scratching lounge 


  • Reviewers noted that it’s relatively pricier compared to other cat scratchers

5. Furhaven one-size Cardboard Corrugated Cat Scratcher Hideout 

Furhaven one size Cardboard Corrugated Cat Scratcher Hideout 

This scratch pad’s corrugated surface gives your cat an irresistible reason to scratch because it resembles the texture of tree bark. The real kicker, though, is that catnip is included! To keep your cat’s interest and off of your pricey furniture, scatter some along the surface. 

Its double-walled, varied thickness and dense corrugated cardboard scratcher surface make it more durable than like-priced products. With dimensions of 18.7″ x 18.5″ x 12″ and a stylish tan hue, it’s the ideal size for your pet’s scratching and relaxing requirements. It’s also offered in brown and teal colors for people who enjoy variety.


  • Tent-like design
  • The rough, bark-like texture of the corrugated surface
  • Double-walled, varying-thickness cardboard construction


  • Cardboard debris that required occasional cleanup.

Are there any other features included with triangle cat scratchers?

Triangle cat scratchers often come with a variety of additional features that enhance their functionality and appeal to cats. One common feature is the inclusion of a sisal rope or sisal fabric surface, which provides a rough texture that cats love to scratch. This material is perfect for trimming and maintaining their claws, preventing them from becoming too long or sharp. Some triangle scratching posts also have multiple levels or tiers, providing cats with different surfaces to scratch and explore. This design keeps cats engaged and prevents them from getting bored easily.

Another feature commonly found in triangle scratchers is the inclusion of additional elements, such as dangling toys or feathers, which entice cats to play and scratch. These features can make the scratcher more interactive and entertaining for cats, encouraging them to use it more frequently. Overall, the additional features included with triangle cat scratchers make them more versatile and appealing to cats, providing them with an outlet for their natural scratching instincts while keeping them entertained. 

The Best Triangle Cat Scratcher to Use

Several aspects must be taken into consideration while choosing the best triangular cat scratcher for your pet. Think about your cat’s size; bigger cats might need a scratcher that is more robust and roomy. Additionally, pay attention to the materials that were used to make the scratcher. Solid wood and premium corrugated cardboard are popular options because of their durability and resilience to sharp claws.

Investigate the extra functions that certain triangle scratching posts provide. Some scratchers include catnip, which will entice your cat to investigate and interact with it. Some scratchers include replaceable scratching pads, increasing their usefulness and value.

Be patient when introducing your cat to a triangle cat scratcher. While some cats might take to it right away, others might require some encouragement. You may make the scratcher more alluring by adding catnip or by luring them with toys. Keep in mind that the idea is to get your cat to use the scratcher instead of damaging the furniture when it wants to scratch.


Can cat beds made of triangles be used as scratchers?

Some triangle scratchers are made to serve as beds or lounges for cats. They give your cat a comfortable place to relax after playing and scratching. To find out if a product has this dual functionality, look at the specifics.

Why pick a triangular cat scratcher over several designs?

Cat scratchers in the shape of triangles provide a special blend of space-saving design and adaptability. They offer a variety of scratching angles, making them appropriate for cats with different tastes. In addition, their triangular design perfectly fits into corners, saving you space in your house.

Do triangle cat scratchers come with any additional features?

Yes, a lot of triangle cat scratchers have added benefits. Others include replacement scratching pads to increase their longevity, while some scratchers come with catnip to encourage your cat to use them. To improve your cat’s experience, investigate these features.


Triangle cat scratchers are more than just decorative pet items; they’re investments in both the mental and physical condition of your cat as well as the aesthetic appeal of your home. These scratchers provide a chic and compact way to satiate your cat’s natural urges while protecting your furniture. With the appropriate decision, you can watch your cat play and relax contentedly while keeping your house scratch-free. Treat your cat to one of these wonderful triangle cat scratchers, and you’ll see them purr with joy.

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