Best Male White Cats Names With Meaning

Looking for the perfect name for your new male white cat? Here are some of the best names with meanings that fit a white feline perfectly!

From notable historical figures to beloved characters from movies and books, there’s sure to be a perfect name on this list for your new kitty.

Top Male White Cats Names

Albus: A name derived from the Latin word Albus, meaning “white.” This is a perfect choice for a white cat.

Aragorn: A name taken from the character of the same name in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It means “King of the West.”

Auric: A name derived from the Latin word aurum, meaning “gold.” This is a fitting name for a golden-eyed white cat.

Arthur: Derived from the Celtic words artos and rit, which mean “bear” and “king,” respectively. This regal name is perfect for your white kitty king!

Balthazar: A name taken from the character of the same name in The Bible. It means “King of Babylon: This is a good choice if your cat has royal tendencies!

Beowulf: A famous Anglo-Saxon epic poem about an ancient hero named Beowulf.

Blizzard: A perfect name for a white cat who loves to frolic in the snow!

Boris: Derived from the Slavic word borj, meaning “wolf.” This is an excellent choice for a big and powerful white cat.

Caesar: The famous Roman emperor was known for his strength and power—just like your new feline friend!

amazing white cats name

Casanova: A renowned Italian lover famed for his romantic escapades. If you’re looking for a sexy name for your white cat, look no further!

Casper: This is a Dutch/English variation of the Persian Kaspar, which means “treasurer.” It’s also the same as a diminutive English form of Casper (from Jasper).

Drake: An Old Norse name meaning “dragon” or “snake.” The perfect fit for your little blue-eyed white cat!

Felix: Latin for “lucky one.” Your new kitty will definitely be lucky to have you as his owner!

Frosty: Acute and playful name for a white cat who loves the cold!

Gandalf / Gandolf: From Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings trilogy, this wizardly older man was fondly named after the white wizard Gandalf.

Gizmo: This adorable name is perfect for a mischievous white feline.

Harry: A name with English and Hebrew origins, Harry means “estate ruler.” Perfect for your new king of the house!

Houdini: Perfect for a cat who loves to get into mischief—just like the famous magician!

Ivory: This makes a beautiful name for a snow-white cat. Ivory is derived from the Latin word ebur, meaning “ivory.”

Jack Frost: The popular character from children’s stories brings to mind winter, snow, and all things frosty—a perfect name for your white cat!

Jasper: Derived from Greek iaspis, which means “stone.” Jasper is also an old German variant of Jörg (George).

Klaus: A short form of Nicholas, Klaus means “victory of the people” in German.

Lancelot: The heroic knight of Arthurian legend is known for his bravery and strength. Just like Lancelot, your new cat will be a fearless protector of your home.

Lincoln: The 16th president of the United States was named Abraham Lincoln. This presidential name would be perfect for your white cat!

Leonidas: Derived from the Greek word leon, meaning “lion.” This name is perfect for your fearless new cat!

Luna: The Roman goddess of the moon was known for her beauty and grace. So will be your new white feline friend.

Milky: A cute and sweet name for a white cat who loves milk!

Marco: Derived from the Latin word Marcus, meaning “warrior.”

Maxwell / Max: A short form of Maximilian, this name means “greatest” in German.

Milhouse: The Simpsons character Milhouse Van Houten is a lovable nerd with bright blue hair. If you’re looking for a unique and fun name for your new kitty, Milhouse might just be perfect!

Niles: An English name derived from the Old Norse níl, meaning “river.” Perfect for a sleek white cat who’s always ready to play fetch with you.

Onyx: A black stone found in various shapes, onyxes were traditionally used as ornaments for jewelry and other decorative objects. This makes a beautiful name for your new feline friend!

Polar: An Old Norse word meaning “white.” Perfect for a white-furred kitty!

Queso / Quesito: They are Spanish words that mean “cheese” and the diminutive form of cheese. Both make excellent names for white cats!

Ralphie: Derived from German Ralf, which means “wolf.”

Sebastian: A name derived from the Greek sebastos, meaning “revered.” This is a great name for your little furry friend who loves to play and cuddle up with you.

Snowball: A classic name for a white cat.

Steve: A common English name that means “crown.” Perfect for your regal white cat!

Snoopy: The beloved cartoon beagle is an all-time favorite choice for naming a white pet.

Toffee: An English word that refers to caramelized sugar or milk solids cooked until browned, combined with butterfat and sometimes nuts (like pecans). Make this delicious-sounding treat even sweeter by naming it after your new kitty!

Tuxedo: This name is perfect for a white cat with black markings.

Vanilla: A sweet and creamy flavor that’s made from the seeds of orchids, vanilla also makes a great name for your white feline friend!

Watson: A name derived from the surname Watson, which is of Anglo-Saxon origin and means “son of Walter.”

Wendy: From Peter Pan, this sweet name means “the fair one.” Wendy will be the fairest of them all with her pure white fur.

Whitney: Derived from the Old English word which, meaning “white.” This beautiful name is perfect for your new white feline friend.

Whittaker: An Old English surname meaning “white field.” This name is perfect for a white cat who loves to frolic in the fields.

Wizard: Perfect for a kitty with magical powers!

Whisper: A soft sound made by air passing over the vocal folds during speech or singing. This name is perfect for a white cat who loves to talk!

Winter: A sweet and classic name for a feline friend who loves the cold!

Xerxes: The Persian king who led his armies against Greece in 480 BC. This regal name would be perfect for your white cat!

Yukon: Derived from the French word for “snow,” this unusual but fitting name is perfect for a white feline friend.

Zeus: The supreme god of Olympus in Greek mythology was given this powerful name. Perfect for your new furry friend who rules your house with an adorable paw!

Choosing the Amusing White Male Cats Names

There are so many great white male cat names to choose from, but how do you know which one is the best for your new kitty? Here are some things to consider when picking a name for your male white cat:

cat names for adorable cats

Does the name have a meaning that you like? There are lots of great names with meanings that fit perfectly for cats. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, try thinking about your favorite colors or things that make up your personality!

What does it sound like? Some names might sound too much like other words so keep this in mind when picking out yours. It doesn’t have to be exactly what the cat looks like, but try to find a name that suits its personality.

How will others say it? Not everyone might be able to pronounce your cat’s name correctly, so make sure you like the way it sounds before choosing it!

In the meantime, you can also read about the best female white cat names.

Names for white cats have been around for centuries and continue to be popular today. Here are some of the most common trends in white cat names:

Surnames – Watson, Whittaker, Whitefield, etc.

Pets or Characters from Cartoons/Movies – Snoopy, Tigger, Simba, etc.

Mythological Names – Zeus, Athena, Apollo, etc.

Food/Drink Names – Vanilla, Toffee, Tuxedo, etc.

Names that Describe the Cat’s Appearance or Personality – Snowball, Sebastian, Ralphie, Wizard, etc.


1. Which White Male Cat Names Are the Most Popular?

Some of the most popular names for white male cats include Max, Snowball, Watson, and Yukon.

2. Do Cats Respond to Their Names?

Yes, cats will respond to their names. In fact, they may even come when you call them if they know that there is something good waiting for them (like a meal or a scratch behind the ears!).

3. Can You Have Multiple Cats in One Household and Give Them All Unique Names?

Yes, you can have multiple cats in one household and give them all unique names. Just be sure to spend enough time with each of your furry friends so they don’t feel left out!


There are so many great names to choose from when it comes to naming your new white cat! Whether you’re looking for a classic name like Snowball or something more unique like Milhouse, there’s definitely a perfect fit out there for your furry friend. So be sure to take your time in finding the perfect one – after all, they’re definitely worth it! 

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