5 Best Horizontal Cat Scratchers in 2024

Best Horizontal Cat Scratchers

Are you tired of your fluffy companion scratching up your furniture? Do you want to provide your cat with a designated space to stretch and exercise? Look no further than horizontal cat scratchers! These innovative pieces of cat furniture not only offer a fun outlet for your cat’s scratching instincts, but they also protect your valuable belongings. In this article, we will explore the positive aspects of horizontal cat scratchers, factors to consider when choosing one, different types available on the market, and our top five recommendations. Additionally, we’ll provide tips on how to train your cat to use a horizontal scratch post and how to maintain and clean it for long-lasting use.

At a Glance: Top Pick on Horizontal Cat Scratchers

Way Basics Eco-Friendly Non-Toxic zBoard Paperboard Cat Scratcher
Way Basics Eco-Friendly Non-Toxic zBoard Paperboard Cat Scratcher
  • Made from sustainable, non-toxic zBoard paperboard.
  • A flat scratching surface
FluffyDream Cat Wood Cardboard Scratcher Lounge Bed
FluffyDream Cat Wood Cardboard Scratcher Lounge Bed
  • Multi-functional design serves as both a cat scratcher and a lounge bed.
  • Enhances home decor with an elegant wood finish.
Pawz Road Cat Sisal-Covered Scratch Posts and Pads
Pawz Road Cat Sisal-Covered Scratch Posts and Pads
  • Measures 15.7 inches in length, 6.3 inches in width, and 12.4 inches in height
  • Made with engineered wood
PetFusion FlipPad Reversible Cat Scratching Pad Lounge
PetFusion FlipPad Reversible Cat Scratching Pad Lounge
  • Ideal for small cats to address behavior-related needs.
  • Designed for use on the floor
Frisco Cat Scratcher Double-Wide Toy  
Frisco Cat Scratcher Double-Wide Toy  
  • Features a double-wide design made of pressed wavy cardboard.
  • Promotes nail health and encourages positive scratching behaviors. 

A horizontal cat scratcher stands as a uniquely tailored piece of feline furniture, meticulously fashioned to cater to your cat’s inborn penchant for scratching. In stark contrast to conventional vertical scratching posts, these horizontal marvels are ingeniously designed to recline gracefully on the floor or adorn your walls in a horizontal embrace. Their foremost mission? To bestow upon your beloved feline a steadfast and welcoming canvas upon which they may wholeheartedly indulge in their innate scratching proclivities.

Positive aspects of horizontal cat scratchers

Exercise for Cats

Cats are natural-born hunters and love to engage in physical activities that mimic their hunting instincts. Scratching is one such activity. By providing your cat with a horizontal scratch post, you enable them to stretch and flex their muscles, promoting their physical well-being. Regular exercise also helps prevent obesity and promotes a healthy lifestyle for your furry friend.

Protection for Your Furniture

One of the primary reasons cat owners invest in scratchers is to protect their furniture. Cats have a natural instinct to scratch, and if they don’t have an appropriate outlet, they may resort to scratching your sofa or carpet. Horizontal scratchers for cats provide an enticing alternative for your feline, redirecting their destructive behavior toward a designated scratching surface.

Preventing Behavior Issues

Behavioral problems, such as destructive scratching or aggression, can arise when cats are unable to satisfy their scratching needs. By providing a horizontal scratcher, you address this problem at its root. Your cat will have a designated space to scratch and release pent-up energy, reducing the likelihood of behavior issues.

Choosing the Perfect Horizontal Cat Scratcher

Vertical vs. Horizontal Scratchers

Before diving into the different types of horizontal scratchers, it’s essential to understand the difference between vertical and horizontal options. Vertical scratchers typically resemble trees, with a tall post and various levels for climbing and scratching. Horizontal scratchers, on the other hand, lie flat on the ground and allow cats to scratch horizontally.

Size and Stability

When choosing a horizontal cat scratcher, consider the size and stability of the product. It should be large enough for your cat to stretch comfortably and stable enough that it doesn’t wobble or tip over during use. A sturdy scratcher ensures your cat’s safety and enjoyment.

Material and Durability

Horizontal scratchers come in various materials, including wood, sisal rope, and carpet. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Sisal rope scratch boards are popular due to their durability and natural appeal to cats. Wooden scratch posts offer a modern look and often come with additional features like attached toys. Carpet scratchers provide a soft surface for your cat but may not be as durable as sisal or wood.

Types of Horizontal Cat Scratchers

Sisal Rope Scratch Boards

Sisal rope scratch boards are a common choice for cat owners looking for a natural and durable scratching option. These boards are made from tightly wound sisal rope, which provides an ideal texture for cats to sink their claws into. They are often designed to lie flat on the ground, allowing cats to scratch horizontally.

Wooden Scratch Posts

For a more modern and stylish option, consider wooden scratch posts. These scratchers often feature a solid wood base with a vertical or horizontal scratching surface. Many wooden scratch posts also include attached toys or additional features to entice cats to explore and engage with the scratcher.

Wall-Mounted Cat Scratchers

If space is limited in your home, wall-mounted cat scratchers are a great option. These scratchers can be attached to any sturdy vertical surface and provide cats with a vertical and horizontal scratching area. Wall-mounted scratchers save floor space while still allowing your cat to indulge in their natural scratching behavior.

5 Best Horizontal Cat Scratchers

1. Way Basics Eco-Friendly Non-Toxic zBoard Paperboard Cat Scratcher

Way Basics Eco-Friendly Non-Toxic zBoard Paperboard Cat Scratcher

This eco-friendly, non-toxic scratcher provides a su-paw long scratching surface, allowing your cat to indulge her natural instincts and keep those claws in check. Plus, it comes with organic catnip as an extra special treat for your furry companion.

Weighing in at just 12.80 ounces, this scratcher boasts dimensions of 16.1 x 8.7 x 0.8 inches, providing your cat with an expansive canvas for her scratching pleasures. Originating from Taiwan, it upholds a standard of quality that meets the expectations of discerning pet owners. Suitable for adult cats, this scratcher features the irresistible allure of catnip, promising hours of endless entertainment and exercise for your furry companion.


  • comes with organic catnip
  • non-toxic, safe, and eco-friendly. 


  • The catnip provided with the scratcher might seep out and end up on the floor or carpet.

2. FluffyDream Cat Wood Cardboard Scratcher Lounge Bed

FluffyDream Cat Wood Cardboard Scratcher Lounge Bed

This durable cat scratcher has a high-density five-layer construction constructed of recyclable corrugated cardboard that can withstand even the most intense scratching sessions. In addition to being a scratcher, it doubles as a comfy bed in the form of a lounge where your cat may relax and play until their heart’s content.

This scratcher’s measurements are 9.45 x 5.51 x 23.62 inches, making it perfect for cats of various shapes and sizes. The FluffyDream Cat Scratcher Cardboard recline Bed is the ideal choice whether your cat likes to recline, scratch, or do both. Join the countless happy cat owners who have made this scratcher their go-to choice to keep their cats amused and their furniture scratch-free. 


  • Cats can scratch it and then curl up for a snooze, making it a multipurpose addition to your pet’s home.
  • constructed from 100% recycled corrugated cardboard


  • Bits of cardboard tend to escape with each scratch, causing some inconvenience.

3. Pawz Road Cat Sisal-Covered Scratch Posts and Pads

Pawz Road Cat Sisal-Covered Scratch Posts and Pads

PAWZ Road’s narrative demonstrates its commitment to the well-being of pets. This brand was inspired by the wonderful story of a stray cat named Kitty and is dedicated to improving the lives of all pets. This scratching post embodies their basic idea of creating a “Wonderful Pets Colorful Life!” The post’s modern aesthetic and neutral colors. With 7,272 ratings and an average of 4.3 stars, this scratching post has won the trust of many pet owners. It’s no surprise that it’s Amazon’s Choice for a “horizontal cat scratching post.

The scratching post’s dimensions of 12.4 x 6.3 x 15.75 inches make it a great fit for any spot in your home, and it’s simple to put together. It is intended to keep little ones occupied, fit, and happy while also providing a comfy resting spot. With a company ethos based on improving the lives of pets, This sisal-covered scratching post will provide your pet pals with hours of entertainment as well as a warm place to relax.


  • It is designed to resist the rigors of everyday use, providing long-term durability.
  • The integrated play ball provides a fun and interesting pastime for kittens and cats. 


  • The hinged bottom can fold up unexpectedly during assembly. Care should be taken to avoid pinching fingers during setup.

4. PetFusion FlipPad Reversible Cat Scratching Pad Lounge

PetFusion FlipPad Reversible Cat Scratching Pad Lounge

With over 1,817 global ratings and an impressive 4.7-star average, it’s evident that both cat owners and their furry companions adore this reversible horizontal cat scratcher. Don’t miss the chance to make your cat’s day with this ingenious scratcher.

For cat owners in search of unwavering durability, the PetFusion FlipPad Cat Scratcher Lounge stands out as the discerning choice. Its premium construction ensures it outlasts cheaper alternatives, providing endless hours of scratching satisfaction for your cat. No assembly is required, and the included catnip can help attract your cat to its new favorite spot.


  • Inclusion of a one-year warranty
  • Scratching can be done on both sides of the cardboard.


  • Aggressive scratching can accelerate the deterioration of cardboard.

5. Frisco Cat Scratcher Double-Wide Toy

Frisco Cat Scratcher Double-Wide Toy  

Frisco by Chewy has unveiled the Double Cat Scratcher, a feline delight designed to meet your cat’s daily scratching needs. This dual-purpose horizontal scratcher, made of delightfully scratchable corrugated cardboard, is a cat’s dream come true. It gives a delightful scratching experience without the risk of claws catching, encouraging ideal nail health and healthy scratching behaviors that contribute to a well-balanced and happy feline.

To add to the fun, an optional sachet of catnip is included, which you may sprinkle on the scratcher for extra kitty enjoyment. It’s not only useful, but it also provides a decorative touch to your home decor, with two different patterns to select from. 


  • It can withstand daily use, ensuring it won’t get torn apart quickly
  • No assembly required


  • Some cats may not be equally attracted to the provided catnip, as mentioned in one review

How to Train Your Cat to Use a Horizontal Scratch Post

Choosing the Right Location

Choosing the right location for your horizontal scratch post is crucial in encouraging your cat to use it. Place it in an area where your cat already spends a lot of time, such as near their favorite sleeping spot or in a room with frequent activity. The scratcher should be easily accessible and clearly visible to your cat.

Enticing with Catnip and Cat Attractants

To entice your cat to use the scratcher, you can sprinkle some certified organic catnip on the surface or use cat attractant sprays. The scent of catnip and attractants will attract your cat’s attention and encourage them to investigate the scratcher. Pairing these scents with positive experiences, such as playtime or treats near the scratcher, will further reinforce its appeal.

Positive Reinforcement

The key to successful training lies in positive reinforcement. Whenever you catch your cat using the scratcher, shower them with praise and treats. This positive association strengthens their preference for the scratcher and increases the likelihood of consistent use. Remember, consistency and patience are your allies during this training process.

Maintaining and Keeping Your Horizontal Cat Scratchers Clean

Regular Inspection and Replacement

It’s important to regularly inspect your cat’s scratcher for signs of wear and tear. Over time, the scratching surface may become frayed or worn out. If you notice any significant damage, it’s time to replace the scratcher to ensure your cat’s safety. By providing a well-maintained scratcher, you’ll keep your cat engaged and prevent it from reverting to destructive scratching habits.

Cleaning Tips

To maintain a clean and hygienic scratcher, you should periodically clean it. For sisal rope scratch boards, use a stiff brush to remove any loose fibers or debris. Vacuum or brush wooden scratch posts to remove loose fur and dirt. For wall-mounted scratchers, wipe them down with a damp cloth or pet-safe cleaning spray. Regular cleaning not only keeps the scratcher looking fresh but also prevents the buildup of bacteria.


What are horizontal cat scratchers?

Horizontal cat scratchers are cat furniture designed specifically for scratching horizontally. They usually come in the form of a flatboard or a long scratcher post that can be laid on the floor or mounted on a wall.

Why are horizontal scratchers a good choice for cats?

Horizontal scratchers provide cats with a great way to stretch and exercise their bodies. They are especially beneficial for cats who prefer scratching in a horizontal motion rather than vertically. Additionally, horizontal scratchers can help protect furniture and carpets from being damaged by a cat’s natural scratching behavior.

What materials are commonly used for horizontal cat scratchers?

Horizontal cat scratchers are often made from materials such as wood and natural sisal. Wood scratchers are usually solid and durable, while sisal is a popular choice for scratching surfaces due to its texture and durability.

Do horizontal cat scratchers come in different sizes?

Yes, horizontal cat scratchers are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different cat breeds and preferences. Some are designed to be small and compact, while others may be larger and provide a more spacious scratching area.

Can a horizontal cat scratcher be attached to the wall?

Yes, many horizontal cat scratchers come with mounting options, allowing them to be securely attached to a wall. This not only saves valuable floor space but also provides vertical scratching surfaces for cats that enjoy scratching in that direction.

How can I encourage my cat to use a horizontal scratcher?

To encourage your cat to use a horizontal scratcher, you can try placing it in an area where your cat likes to scratch or near their favorite resting spots. You can also use positive reinforcement by rewarding your cat with praise or treats when they use the scratcher. If your cat doesn’t immediately


Horizontal cat scratchers are an excellent investment for cat owners looking to protect their furniture and provide their furry friends with a place to scratch and play. By considering the size, stability, material, and your cat’s preferences, you can choose the perfect horizontal scratcher for your home. Remember to train your cat to use the scratcher with positive reinforcement and regularly maintain and clean it for optimal use. With the plethora of options available, you’re sure to find a horizontal cat scratcher that suits your needs and keeps your cat happy and healthy for years to come.

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