30+ Best Female White Cats Names With Meaning

White cats are known for being some of the most elegant and graceful animals in the world.

So it only makes sense to give your white cat a name that reflects its beauty and personality. Whether you’re looking for a name with a deep meaning, or one that is simply cute and unique, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best female white cat names.

Best White Cats Names

Aurora: This name means “dawn” in Latin, and is perfect for a white cat that loves to explore the world around her.

Belle: This elegant name means “beautiful” in French, and is perfect for any white cat who likes to strut her stuff.

Bianca: A sweet and simple name that means “white.”

Blanca: Another lovely name meaning “white.”

Blossom: A sweet and flowery name for a white cat who loves the springtime.

Candace: A regal name meaning “moon-white.”

cute white cat

Catherine: This classic name means “pure” in Greek, and is perfect for a pure-bred white cat.

Claire: Meaning both “bright” and “clear,” Claire is a perfect choice for your bright white cat.

Daisy: Sweet and innocent, Daisy is the perfect moniker for your darling white kitty.

Dawn: A bright and cheerful name for a white cat who loves to greet the day with a smile.

Elsa: A short, sweet name meaning “joy” or “happiness.”

Eve: The first woman created by God, this biblical name is perfect for any feisty female white cat.

Fiona: Meaning both “white” and “fair,” Fiona is a wonderful pick for your white feline friend.

Gloria: This beautiful moniker means “glory.”

Grace: An elegant name that describes the way your cat moves with grace and agility.

Ice: The perfect name for an icy little bundle of joy.

Iris: The delicate purple flower that matches beautifully with your cat’s coat color.

Jasmine: A pretty name derived from the jasmine flower, which can also grow in a white variety.

Lilly: Another floral-inspired moniker, Lilly is perfect for a graceful kitty like yours!

Lucy: “Light” is the meaning of this name, which fits your kitty’s coat wonderfully.

Maggie: This name means “pearl,” and there are many pearls that are white in color!

Mila: Meaning “dear one,” Mila is a lovely choice for your beloved cat.

Moonbeam: Perfect for a feline who loves to bathe in the moonlight.

Moonflower: A beautiful name that will remind you of your cat when she’s curled up under blankets like an adorable little bundle.

Nina: A sweet moniker with various meanings including “little girl.”

Olivia: A popular name for both humans and cats alike, Olivia means “olive branch.”

Pearl: As mentioned above, pearls can be found in many colors – but it’s rare to find them white! This makes Pearl an ideal name for your pure-white feline friend.

Piper: An adorable name for your adorable cat, Piper means “pipe player.”

Sasha: A Russian name meaning “defender of mankind.”

Snowflake: Icy and cool, Snowflake is a perfect moniker for your white cat.

Tessa: “Harvest” is the meaning behind this charming name!

Vera: A short and sweet choice that means “faith.”

Willow: Derived from the willow tree, which can also come in a variety of colors – including white! Willow would make an excellent choice if you’re looking for something unique yet not too out there.

Winter: A name perfect for any white cat who loves the cold weather, snow days, and winter holidays.”

Zara: Meaning “princess,” this moniker is perfect for your little kitty queen

Zoey: Meaning both “life,” and “God’s gift,” Zoey is a fitting name for your new white feline friend.

As you can see, there are many beautiful and unique female white cat names to choose from. When picking a name for your new kitty, be sure to consider one that has a special meaning to you.

Do you have a favorite name on our list?

Let us know in the comments below! Also check out the Best Names for Persian Cats.

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