5 Best Couch Cat Scratchers in 2024

Best Couch Cat Scratcher

As a cat owner, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of seeing your prized furniture in shambles as a result of your feline friend’s clawing habits. Cats are hardwired to scratch, and while changing this behavior can be difficult, there is a brilliant solution available: a cat scratcher’s couch. These ingenious products provide your cat with an acceptable and appealing alternative to scratching, all while protecting your furniture from their razor-sharp claws. In this post, we’ll look at the best sofa and couch cat scratchers, paving the way for you and your feline buddy to coexist in harmony.

At a Glance: Top Pick on Cat Scratcher Couch

EveryYay Surface Cardboard Couch Cat Scratcher
EveryYay Surface Cardboard Couch Cat Scratcher
  • Cardboard constructed entirely of recycled paper
  • Recommended for medium-sized cat breeds
  • Patterns that are long-lasting and fashionable
Innolv Scratcher Cardboard Lounge Couch Sofa Bed
Innolv Scratcher Cardboard Lounge Couch Sofa Bed
  • It comes in two sizes: 20-inch and 24-inch.
  • Advised For large and medium-sized cat breeds.
  • Made of strong corrugated cardboard that has been coated with catnip 
Little Scratchers Royal Thick Cardboard Cat Couch Scratcher 
Little Scratchers Royal Thick Cardboard Cat Couch Scratcher 
  • Made entirely of recyclable honeycomb mesh cardboard
  • Available in medium and large sizes.
  • intended for indoor cats and kittens weighing less than 12 pounds
Socostar Cat  Durable Scratching Board Couch Bed Pad 
Socostar Cat  Durable Scratching Board Couch Bed Pad 
  • Provides exceptional comfort with a curved and raised rim
  • Modern cat couch that is foldable and flexible.
Evelots Kitty Cat Couch-Sturdy Cardboard-Claw Groomer Scratcher 
Evelots Kitty Cat Couch-Sturdy Cardboard-Claw Groomer Scratcher 
  • Cat print pattern
  • Promote comfortable backrests.

The Importance of Cat Scratchers

Before we dive into the best couch cat scratchers on the market, let’s understand why scratching is such a crucial behavior for cats:

Natural Instinct

Cats, as magnificent creatures of nature, come hardwired with an irresistible urge to scratch. This isn’t just a quirky habit; it serves some vital purposes. When your cat engages in this behavior, they are essentially honing their claws, shedding the old outer layers of their nails, and giving their muscles a good stretch. It’s like their own personal manicure and yoga session rolled into one!

Stress Relief

Just like we humans turn to various activities to unwind and de-stress, scratching serves as a natural stress-relief mechanism for our feline companions. Whenever your cat feels a tad anxious or agitated, it instinctively turns to scratch to find solace. It’s their way of hitting the reset button and restoring their inner peace.

Territorial Marking

Cats are territorial beings, and their paws hold a secret weapon: scent glands. When they scratch, these scent glands release their signature fragrance, akin to leaving a personal “I was here” mark. This isn’t just a mere act of vanity; it’s a way for them to communicate with other cats, telling them, “This is my turf.”


Scratching is a form of exercise for cats, particularly for their front shoulder and leg muscles. It’s a vital part of their daily physical activity.

Now that we know why scratching is essential for cats, let’s explore the best cardboard couch cat scratchers that can keep your cat engaged and your furniture safe.

Best 5 Couch Cat Scratchers

1. EveryYay Surface Cardboard Couch Cat Scratcher

EveryYay Surface Cardboard Couch Cat Scratcher

This eco-friendly sofa cat scratcher is made from 100% recycled paper and is intended to develop good scratching habits in your cat, keeping them from wreaking havoc on your favorite couch. The box includes catnip, which will instantly capture your kitty’s attention and provide hours of entertainment and exercise. This medium-sized cardboard cat scratcher is suitable for medium breeds due to its solid and durable construction, and it provides cats with a comfy location to scratch and rest.

This cat scratcher not only provides important scratching relief for your cat, but it also adds a bit of beauty to your home with its array of eye-catching patterns. The EveryYay Scratchin’ The Surface Cardboard Couch Cat Scratcher has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with a 4.7-star rating based on 511 reviews. Customers laud its ease of use and durability, making it a great choice for cat parents. Don’t put it off any longer – purchase this excellent cat scratcher today and watch as your cat gleefully abandons your furniture for their new favorite position.


  • Eco-friendly choice made from 100% recycled paper.
  • Strong and long-lasting structure.
  • Comes with catnip to amuse and delight your cat.


  • Catnip can fall through the scratcher, potentially creating a mess.

2. Innolv Scratcher Cardboard Lounge Couch Sofa Bed

Innolv Scratcher Cardboard Lounge Couch Sofa Bed

This wide 20-inch scratching board provides plenty of space for your feline buddy to scratch. The unusual backrest couch design is reminiscent of a chaise lounge, making it a comfortable and soothing place for your cat to get some rest. Say goodbye to neck stiffness while your cat scratches on this eco-friendly and long-lasting corrugated cardboard cat scratcher. It also includes catnip to make it even more appealing to your indoor kitties.

It is appropriate for cats of all sizes, from kittens to huge breeds, and aids in the maintenance of healthy claws and mental wellness. Place it near your cat’s favorite scratching post and sprinkle it with catnip to attract your feline lover. Your cat will have a comfy and satisfying location to scratch and relax with our Cat Scratcher Cardboard Lounge Couch.


  • Consists of organic catnip leaves.
  • The lounge-inspired shape offers resting space, making it great for cats who like firmer surfaces.
  • Made of heavy-duty corrugated cardboard and is designed to last.


  • Built for floor mounting, which limits positioning possibilities.

3. Little Scratchers Royal Thick Cardboard Cat Couch Scratcher 

Little Scratchers Royal Thick Cardboard Cat Couch Scratcher 

This cat couch is designed for medium-sized indoor cats and kittens weighing less than 12 pounds and is 18″ L X 14″ W X 8″ H, giving them a nice and pleasant area to scratch and relax. It is made of thick, 100% recyclable honeycomb mesh cardboard paper and non-toxic adhesive, and it has no distasteful scents.

This high-quality cat scratcher sofa promotes healthy scratching behaviors, which helps to keep your cat’s claws neat and your furniture, doors, and chairs safe from harm. It also includes organic, chemical-free catnip to entice and engage your pet while encouraging relaxation and stress relief. The Royal Cat Scratcher Couch is more than just cat furniture; it’s a way to pamper your feline like a king or queen.

The Royal Cat Scratcher Couch, with a 4.4-star rating and great reviews, is an excellent addition to any pet-friendly home. With this elegant and functional cardboard cat couch, you can pamper your cat like royalty.


  • Properly proportioned for medium indoor cats and kittens weighing less than 12 pounds.
  • Has no bad odors.
  • Includes organic, chemical-free catnip 


  • Not suitable for cats who prefer horizontal scratching surfaces over vertical ones.

4. Socostar Cat  Durable Scratching Board Couch Bed Pad 

Socostar Cat  Durable Scratching Board Couch Bed Pad 

With 4.4 out of 5 stars and over 239 ratings, this cat furniture has quickly become a favorite among cat owners. It is made of eco-friendly corrugated paper that has been infused with catnip and provides a robust and tempting scratching surface. The folding and flexible design of the Socostar cat scratcher couch bed allows many cats and kittens to have their own warm room. One of the Socostar cat couch’s distinguishing features is its high-density breathability construction, which increases longevity and guarantees your cat can enjoy many hours of scratching fun.

Bid farewell to odors and scratched furniture since this cat pad is comprised of cellular mesh, which reduces odors and scratching. Its innovative folding design adapts to meet your needs, making it an excellent solution for households with numerous cats. If you’re weary of your cat scratching your furniture, carpets, or curtains, the Socostar Cat Couch Bed Pad is the appropriate answer for a harmonious living space.


  • provides a breathable construction with a high-density 
  •  made of cellular mesh and helps to reduce smells 
  • has a modular design that can be folded and modified to fit kittens and adult cats 


  • can wear it down faster if cats are frequent scratchers.

5. Evelots Kitty Cat Couch Cardboard-Claw Groomer Scratcher 

Evelots Kitty Cat Couch-Sturdy Cardboard-Claw Groomer Scratcher 

This cat scratch play lounge is 19.5 inches long, 7.75 inches wide, and 5.25 inches tall, making it suitable for small to medium-sized cats. It’s made of sturdy recycled cardboard and has a lovely black and orange cartoon cat pattern. The optimal tilt angle and comfortable backrest design make it a great place for your cat to relax and play. This lightweight and portable lounge-shaped corrugated cardboard scratcher may be simply moved around the house, providing hours of enjoyment for your cat. 

Evelots is dedicated to providing high-quality consumer items and stands behind every item they offer, with the goal of making your buying experience memorable. With the Evelots Kitty Cat Scratcher-Comfy Lounge Couch, you can invest in your cat’s delight as well as the preservation of your furnishings.


  • Offers a comfortable backrest and can be used as a lounging spot 
  • Made with reliable recycled cardboard.


  • Some consumers found this scratcher to be narrower than expected.

Will a couch cat scratcher stop my cat from scratching furniture entirely?

While couch cat scratchers are quite efficient in redirecting your cat’s scratching activity, they may not completely eradicate your cat’s need to scratch furniture. Cats scratch for a variety of reasons, including territorial marking and claw maintenance. A high-quality cat scratcher carefully positioned near the furniture your cat targets, on the other hand, can substantially lessen their interest in your sofa or chairs.

It’s crucial to remember that constant training and good reinforcement are critical in assisting your cat in transitioning to utilizing the scratcher. You may gradually change their habit by rewarding and praising them when they utilize the scratcher and gently discouraging them when they approach your furniture. While a couch cat scratcher cannot provide an absolute guarantee, it is an essential tool in keeping your furniture and building a more pleasant living place for you and your kitty pet.

In essence, sofa and couch cat scratchers are a fantastic solution to the age-old problem of furniture scratching. They offer an attractive alternative and can significantly reduce the damage to your cherished belongings. However, it’s essential to understand that they might not completely eradicate the behavior, as scratching is an instinct deeply ingrained in cats. So, while you can’t expect a 100% success rate in preventing furniture scratching, with patience, training, and the right scratcher, you can create a more cat-friendly environment that keeps both your cat and your furniture happy.


Will a couch cat scratcher stop my cat from scratching furniture altogether?

While it can significantly reduce furniture scratching, it might not eliminate it entirely. Consistency in offering an attractive alternative and gentle training can help.

How often should I replace a cat couch scratcher?

The lifespan of a scratcher depends on its material, your cat’s activity level, and the number of cats using it. It’s generally a good idea to replace it when it’s worn out or no longer appealing to your cat.

Are there couch cat scratchers that match different home decor styles?

Yes, many cat scratchers come in various designs and colors to complement different interior aesthetics.

Why do cats scratch couches and furniture in the first place?

Cats scratch to mark their space, keep their claws healthy, and relieve tension. It’s an automatic reaction, but with the right cat scratcher, it can be changed.


By giving your cat the best couch cat scratcher, you are not only saving your furniture but also establishing a safe refuge for your feline friend. You’re assuring a peaceful relationship in which both you and your pet can thrive.

So, go ahead and choose one of our pick on best couch cat scratchers. Watch as your cat scratches to its heart’s delight without harming your favorite couch. It’s an arrangement that benefits both parties and provides you and your pet joy, calm, and a scratch-free living environment.

In the world of pet care, harmony begins with the right choice, and a cat scratcher couch is the purr-fect choice for you and your feline friend.

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