5 Best Cardboard Cat Scratcher House in 2024

Best Cardboard Cat Scratcher House

A cardboard cat scratcher house is a particularly designed and often imaginatively made structure that serves as a fun and functional retreat for our feline friends. These homes are designed to cater to a cat’s natural inclinations to scratch, play, and rest. They give a specialized space for cats to indulge their scratching tendencies without causing harm to furniture or other things. 

They often have diverse surfaces and textures conducive to scratching. Cardboard cat scratcher houses frequently feature extra elements such as platforms, resting areas, and even integrated toys, resulting in an all-encompassing environment that keeps cats mentally and physically busy.

Cardboard cat scratcher houses are more than just furniture for your feline companions; they provide a dedicated space for scratching, playing, and lounging. With a plethora of options available, finding the best cardboard cat scratcher house can be overwhelming. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the essential factors to consider when selecting the perfect scratcher house for your beloved cat.

A a Glance: The Best Cardboard Cat Scratcher Houses

Furhaven Cardboard Multi-Level Cat House 
Furhaven Cardboard Multi-Level Cat Scratcher House 
  • corrugated construction
  • 90% recycled materials
  • Available in one size and cardboard brown color
Petique Cat Penthouse Scratcher
Petique Cat Penthouse Scratcher
  • featuring three levels and pathways
  • scratch-friendly option for feline enrichment
  • environment friendly
Furhaven Cat Scratcher House with Catnip & Toys
Furhaven Cat House-Catnip Scratching Pads & Toys
  • Spacious enough to comfortably house multiple cats.
  • Incorporates a network of pathways in and around the penthouse for added exploration.
  • Crafted using environmentally safe materials that are free from toxins.
Petique Cat Scratcher House Tippy Peak
Petique Cat House Tippy Peak
  • Crafted using entirely compostable and non-toxic constituents.
  • Exhibits a design that seamlessly combines lightness and durability.
  • Enhances the package with the inclusion of three dual-sided scratchboards.
MS!MAKE Cat Scratcher Cardboard House 
MS!MAKE Cat Scratcher Cardboard House 
  • dimensions of 19”L x 12”W x 16”H
  • Made from excellent corrugated cardboard and 5mm thick density board

Understanding the Importance of Cat Scratcher Houses

Catering to Instincts with Scratching Sanctuaries

Cats are innate scratchers, driven by their primal need to knead, scratch, and assert their territory. This intrinsic behavior isn’t just a passing whim; it’s deeply rooted in their DNA. To safeguard your cherished furniture from becoming unwitting scratching posts, providing a premium cat scratcher house becomes paramount. These sanctuaries of scratching not only address their natural urges but also create a designated space for them to indulge, keeping your home beautifully intact.

A Haven of Comfort and Solitude

Beyond their scratching prowess, cat scratcher houses transform into serene havens, embracing your feline companion in a realm of comfort and solitude. These abodes of contentment extend far beyond a mere scratching surface; they serve as tranquil retreats where your cat can find solace from the world’s hustle. Embellished with plush interiors that beckon your pet with warmth and thoughtfully designed nooks that cradle their every nap, these houses elevate relaxation to an art form.

Key Features to Consider Before Buying Cat Scratcher House

Material Matters: Durability and Texture

When delving into the realm of scratcher houses, the significance of materials transcends mere practicality – it becomes a testament to thoughtful design. Embrace scratcher houses fashioned from robust materials such as sturdy sisal, resilient cardboard, or the timeless elegance of natural wood. These choices aren’t just about endurance; they’re about crafting an enduring experience for your feline companion. As your cat’s fervent claws engage with these textures, they’re met not only with satisfying resistance but also with a promise of enduring companionship, unfazed by the passage of time.

Size and Layout: Catering to your Cat’s Preferences

As you embark on the quest for the ideal scratcher house, remember that size and layout aren’t mere technicalities – they’re the architects of your cat’s personal oasis. Delve into the realm of selection with an understanding of your feline’s unique dimensions and habits.

If your cat revels in the lofty art of perch and play, a scratcher house adorned with elevated platforms is a soaring invitation to their joy. Conversely, for those whose nature leans towards the introverted, an enclosed alcove emerges as a sanctuary of serenity, providing a cocoon of comfort amidst their bustling surroundings. This journey of choice is one that bridges the gap between their instincts and your care, curating an environment where contentment flourishes.

Design that Blends: Aesthetic Appeal

In the symphony of home aesthetics, your cat’s scratcher house plays a harmonious role, a piece of functional art that weaves seamlessly into your decor’s tapestry. The selection of design isn’t just an exercise in visual compatibility; it’s an ode to the fusion of form and function.

As you navigate through the spectrum of possibilities, let your creativity unfurl – from the chic simplicity of minimalism to the enchanting whimsy of intricate motifs, each design serves as a brushstroke in your home’s artistic narrative. Embrace this realm of choice with the awareness that every curve, color, and contour has the power to elevate your space while crafting a sanctuary where your feline companion can both express and experience their true essence

Making the Right Choice

Assessing Your Cat’s Needs

Before splurging on a cat scratcher house, observe your cat’s scratching habits, sleeping preferences, and daily routines. This insight will guide you towards a scratcher house that perfectly suits your furry friend.

Reading the Reviews

With numerous options flooding the market, reading reviews can offer valuable insights. Look for feedback on durability, quality, and whether the scratcher house lived up to cats’ expectations.

Best 5 Cardboard Cat Scratcher House

1. Furhaven Cardboard Multi-Level Cat Scratcher House

Furhaven Cardboard Multi-Level Cat House 

The Furhaven Cardboard Multi-Level Cat Scratcher House will provide your feline buddy with a mesmerizing haven within your home. Its inclining scratchable surface, lower-level chamber with a playful hanging toy, and upper-level compartment equipped with its own set of engaging dangling toys ensure that your furry companion will be immersed in endless entertainment and repose.

Embracing eco-friendliness, Furhaven prioritizes sustainability with its corrugated scratchers crafted from 90% recycled material and bonded using non-toxic glue. This commitment to the environment not only offers a green choice but also a safe one, ensuring the well-being of all cats. The scratcher house serves as an ideal outlet for both cats and kittens, redirecting undesirable scratching behavior away from valuable furniture pieces. To further pique your cat’s interest, a bag of catnip is thoughtfully included, enticing them to explore their new haven of fun.

Beyond its captivating allure, the Furhaven Cardboard Multi-Level Cat Scratcher House excels in durability. Its double-walled corrugated surface, featuring varying thickness, is a testament to its long-lasting nature, promising extended usage and enjoyment. Furthermore, the corrugated material aids in promoting healthy nail growth for your feline friend, ensuring not only hours of entertainment but also the overall well-being of your beloved companion. Invest in this multi-functional sanctuary that combines entertainment, comfort, and eco-consciousness for your cherished cat.


  • Provides multi-leveled fun with scratching pads and toys
  • Made from 90% recycled materials and bonded with non-toxic adhesive,
  • Made of double-walled corrugated material with varied thicknesses to ensure life and durability. 


  • Available in one size, which might not accommodate larger cats comfortably.

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2. Petique Cat Penthouse Scratcher

Petique Cat Penthouse Scratcher

Elevate your cat’s world with the Petique Cat Penthouse Scratcher—an epitome of feline luxury that combines entertainment and comfort. Crafted from non-toxic, eco-friendly materials, this penthouse takes your cat’s well-being to heart. Designed to accommodate multiple cats, its spaciousness fosters a communal haven for your furry friends to gather, play, and relax.

The fusion of sturdiness and user-friendliness ensures easy assembly, granting your cat a secure spot to unwind and indulge in the innate joy of scratching. With its intricate design featuring multiple pathways both within and around the penthouse, your cat is in for a dynamic and captivating experience.

Engage in a playful game of “cat and house” with the Petique Feline Cardboard Penthouse Cat Scratcher—an emblem of opulence tailored to your feline companion’s delight. Departing from mundane box houses, this penthouse is a striking embodiment of elegance.

Fashioned from non-toxic compressed cardboard, it boasts three levels of lounging extravagance accompanied by numerous scratchboards, enabling your cat to expend excess energy in a secure manner. With assembly requiring no tools and its lightweight nature facilitating effortless relocation, this penthouse seamlessly blends into any room, offering your cat a realm of leisure and luxury.


  • Provides ample room for cats and kittens to lounge, play, and explore across three levels.
  • Requires no tools for setup, ensuring hassle-free installation and quick gratification for your cat.


  • The cardboard construction may not withstand heavy scratching after prolonged use.

3. Furhaven Cat House-Catnip Scratching Pads & Toys

Furhaven Cat Scratcher House with Catnip & Toys

Give your cherished feline friend his very own haven with the Furhaven Farmhouse Playground Corrugated Cat Scratcher made with cardboard. Embracing a farmhouse-inspired design, this scratcher presents two levels complemented by an integrated lounging porch, creating a cozy and private space for your kitty. With the perfect balance of comfort and functionality, it serves as the ultimate spot for your cat to stretch, scratch, and slumber.

Additionally, the scratcher includes catnip, strategically enticing your cat away from furniture while offering a chance for them to fully indulge their natural scratching tendencies. Beyond its captivating allure, the scratcher’s cardboard exterior is an empty canvas, allowing you to paint, draw, or personalize it with stickers, seamlessly blending it into your existing decor.

Elevate your cat’s environment with the Furhaven Farmhouse Playground Corrugated Cat Scratcher House – an embodiment of sustainability, entertainment, and aesthetic versatility. Crafted from recycled materials, this scratcher aligns with eco-conscious values while offering a delightful scratch-focused experience.

The integrated hanging toy enriches playtime, and the scratcher’s entirely recyclable nature underscores its commitment to the environment. With the option to tailor the exterior to your cat’s unique flair, it not only caters to your feline’s needs but also complements your décor. Welcome your cat to a world of scratching, lounging, and personalized playfulness with this exceptional farmhouse-inspired cardboard cat scratcher.


  • Provide a play and rest area for indoor cats.
  • Corrugated cardboard gives scratchers a gratifying release and encourages strong nail growth.
  • Quick and easy assembly with no tools required


  • Not all types of house decor will look good with the cardboard brown color.

4. Petique Cat Scratcher House Tippy Peak

Petique Cat Scratcher House Tippy Peak

This cat house is a harmonious fusion of love for your pet and the environment because it is made from only non-toxic, 100 percent compostable materials. It can proudly sit in whatever location your cat considers deserving, thanks to the clever design’s delicate balance between lightness and solidity. The hassle-free assembly, devoid of tools, ensures that your furry friend can quickly enjoy their new haven of exploration.

Equipped with three double-sided scratch boards, it champions healthy scratching behavior, serving as an outlet for anxiety and stress relief. Not only does this encourage your cat’s natural instincts, but it also aids in maintaining groomed claws and mitigating unwanted furniture damage. With every scratch, your cat finds solace and satisfaction, all while protecting your home environment

Crafted with care for both your pet and the environment, its easy assembly and scratch-promoting features promise an engaging and fulfilling experience for your feline companion. Choose a cat house that not only provides comfort but also aligns with your commitment to a greener planet and a happier, healthier cat.


  • Promotes scratching, which helps to reduce tension and stress and keeps claws well-groomed.
  • Strikes a balance between robustness and lightness, ensuring both stability and easy placement.
  • Crafted entirely from compostable, non-toxic materials, aligning with eco-conscious values.


  •  Not waterproof

5. MS!MAKE Cat Scratcher Cardboard House 

MS!MAKE Cat Scratcher Cardboard House 

Measuring an expansive 19”L x 12”W x 16”H, this cat house offers abundant space, accommodating cats up to 16 lbs with ease. Your furry friend will revel in the roominess, providing them ample area to unwind and stretch out. Its stylish design seamlessly integrates into diverse home aesthetics, adding a touch of charm to your living space.

Crafted for stability, the cat house is ingeniously assembled with 24 reinforced screws, forming a secure roof triangle structure. Your cat’s playful antics are worry-free, as this design ensures the house remains steady and dependable. Constructed using premium materials, including robust corrugated cardboard and 5mm thick density board, this product is built to endure. Emphasizing safety, the house is fashioned from eco-friendly panels with smooth edges and corners, creating a harmless haven for your beloved pet.

Give your feline companions the ultimate blend of relaxation and entertainment with the MS!MAKE Cat Scratcher Cardboard House. Its spacious interior, adaptable style, and secure construction are all meticulously crafted to elevate your cat’s comfort and your home’s aesthetic.


  • Ample space for cats weighing up to 16 lbs.
  • Crafted with premium corrugated cardboard and 5mm thick density board, ensuring long-lasting use
  • Features a stable roof triangle structure held together by 24 sturdy screws for worry-free play.


  • Over time, cardboard might show signs of wear due to scratching, though replacement is straightforward.


Incorporating the finest cardboard cat scratcher house into your living space embodies a considerate approach to satiating your cat’s inherent scratching impulses, all the while acting as a safeguard for your cherished furniture. Delving into this choice necessitates a mindful examination of your cat’s individual inclinations, the manifold attributes the scratcher house proffers, and the seamless integration of this addition within your living environment.

Whether you’re inclined towards an ultramodern, versatile blueprint or a more understated, ecologically responsible cardboard alternative, rest assured that your feline companion will embrace their newfound realm for scratching and leisure. Your discerning decision to invest in this accessory reflects a deep understanding of your cat’s intrinsic behaviors, a commitment to enhancing their daily life, and a strategic stride towards cultivating a harmonious coexistence between your cat’s instincts and your abode’s aesthetics.

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