Esme Watson

Esme Watson

Esme Watson enjoys the company of cats very much. She has a female cat named Minnie and a male cat named Mickey. She really enjoys watching them play and interact with each other. She likes to post information and tips about them. She hopes to share her knowledge of cats with others and wants to educate people on how to take care of their cats.
can cats be vegan

Can cats be vegan?

Since cats are carnivores and veganism is becoming increasingly popular among humans, can cat owners introduce veganism to their feline companions? Does a vegan diet work for cats? Read this article to find out if cats can be vegan. Vegan…

Can cats eat hamburgers

Can cats eat hamburgers?

Cats are carnivorous mammals, meaning they need meat in their diet to get the nutrition they need. But can cats eat hamburgers? If they can, can they eat raw or cooked? Let’s read on to find out. What is a…

can cat eat dried catnip

Can cats eat dried catnip?

If you’re looking for catnip and want to give it to your cat, please read this article before providing catnip to your cat. This article has covered everything you need to know about catnip, including whether or not it is…

cat and dogs eating together dog food

Can cats eat dog food?

Some people believe that cats and dogs cannot be kept as pets together, but this is not true. With a little bit of patience and understanding, dogs and cats can coexist peacefully. It is crucial to remember that each animal…

Can Cats Eat OREOS

Can cats eat Oreos? Is it safe?

Oreos are the human’s best friend when it comes to having a treat. But what about cats? Have you ever caught your feline friend staring at you while enjoying your treat? And want to share it with them? But wonder…

Can cats eat dragon fruit

Can cats eat dragon fruit?

Dragon fruit is an exotic fruit that has recently gained popularity in southern Asia and most parts of the world. You may have noticed dragon fruit-flavored drinks and desserts at most places, as they have numerous health benefits for humans.…