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Cats knead for different reasons. Nursing kittens knead to assist their mothers in producing milk. Adult cats who have been nursing kittens may also knead for comfort. However, some mature cats knead on their owner’s laps to express affection, while others knead, stimulating their sense glands to mark their territory.

Whiskas follicles are surrounded by sensory cells. These sensory cells guide cats through daily functions. It activates the cat’s sense of solid objects when touched, helping them to navigate the environment. Likewise, it also aids vision and is a medium for communication. Whiskas show movement when cats are stressed.

Cats communicate their feelings by wagging their tails. If your cat thumps their tail, it implies that they are upset and something is irritating them. Similarly, twitching the end of the tail indicates that they are playing or hunting, but it could also indicate that your cat is moderately upset if they are not playing. If your cat is swinging its tail from side to side, it could indicate that they are paying attention to something. If your cat’s tail quivers, it suggests it is pleased to see you or another cat.

Cats can see in low light conditions such as twilight, dawn, and dusk, but not in complete darkness. Because our homes are rarely entirely dark, there is always some light coming from someplace, which makes many believe that cats have night vision and can see in the dark, but in truth, they cannot see in complete darkness. Cats are crepuscular beings which means that they are more active when it’s twilight, such as when hunting for their prey at night.

The group of cats is known as a clowder or a glaring. If there are two cats, it is termed a pair, and if there are three or more cats, it is called a clowder. The word clowder comes from the word clodder in Middle English, which was introduced in the late 1700s. It derives from the word clotern, as do words like clot, clutter, and cluster. Similarly, if you have a batch of kittens, it is referred to as a litter or a Kindle.

Cats typically use boxes to hide from predators in places where they cannot be seen. Boxes give them comfort and a sense of security which is why they love spending time in boxes. Further, a scientist discovered that cats are needy for shelter, so they would flip over their litter boxes to conceal themselves and feel comfortable under them.

If your cat is scratching the furniture despite having a scratching post, it could be because you did not properly introduce it to your cats. First, because placement is important, install the scratching post where they generally scratch. Then place some catnip or their favorite toys on the scratching post, which should be of high quality. Cats scratch to express their feelings, remove dead bits from their nails, mark their territory with scent glands released from their paws, or just stretch their legs.

According to experts, traditionally, the first people to domesticate cats were the Egyptians some 3,600 years ago. However, recent genetic and archaeological findings suggest that domestication of cats started in the Fertile Crescent, maybe around 10,000 years ago, at a time when agriculture was just beginning. 

The main reason for cats to lick each other is to show affection for each other. If you see your cats licking each other, you can assume that they have become close and share a closer bond. Likewise, if you are wondering why your mother cat is licking her kittens right after birth, the mother cat consumes the feces and pee after this anogenital grooming induces elimination to clean her kittens and help them breathe. 

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) estimates that a cat’s first year of life is equivalent to roughly 15 human years. A cat is two years, which equates to an additional nine years. Each year a cat lives after the second year is about equivalent to four human years. 

The Singapura is considered one of the smallest cat breeds weighing between 4 and 8 pounds at maturity.  Though they are small this cat breed has a muscular physique. They are mostly suitable for people living in small apartment. 

Cats purr is one of their ways of communicating, expressing feelings, or alerting you to the fact that they require assistance. For example, if your cat appears calm with their eyes half-closed, it’s safe to conclude it’s a joyful purr. Likewise, if your cat purrs and it’s their mealtime, then it’s likely that it’s just a hungry purr. Cats also purr to soothe themselves when they are harmed or in pain.

Cats can indeed see colors, but not as many as humans. Cats can see bluish-violet and yellow-green visions of light; however, they can’t see vibrant colors. Thus, cats typically see colors as yellow, grayish, or some type of blue tint, whereas they mostly depend on movement and contrast to identify objects.

If your cat is healthy, then they usually live up to 12 to 18 years, especially indoor cats in comparison to outdoor cats. Since outdoor cats are more prone to getting into accidents that can shorten their lifespan. However, there are also reports of cats living more than 20 years. 

Grass acts as a natural laxative, which helps them digest food if they are having indigestion issues. Grass juice has folic acid, an important vitamin that helps to produce hemoglobin in cats. So, you might have witnessed your cat nibbling grass at least once in their lifetime.

Catnip is a mint family herb that contains a substance called nepetalactone which, when consumed, makes them highly hyperactive. It works as a sedative that stimulates sensory nerve cells when enters the brain, causing cats to drool and fall asleep. Catnip’s effects can be seen in almost 50% of cats.  

Cats do not like water because of their fur. Wet fur is very uncomfortable and heavy for them. However, not all cats hate water; large cats like Bangel cats, Turkish van, and Maine coon have no problem getting wet or going for a swim.

Cats like fresh and cold water, and running water from the tap gives exactly that. If your cat is not drinking from their water bowl, place some ice cubes in their water bowl with water for them to have the same refreshing and cool water that comes out of the running tab.

The cat’s eyes glow in the dark due to light reflection created by the Tapetum lucidum, which is located just behind a layer in your cat’s retina. When light enters your cat’s eye, it is intended to reach photoreceptors, which are the parts of the eye that send information to the brain. If it doesn’t, the tapetum lucidum reflects the light back, making their eyes shine.

According to the most recent AVMA statistics, with about 62 million pet cats, the USA is the country having the largest number of cat populations. Additionally, Prior to now, the World Atlas estimated that there were 300 million to 600 million cats worldwide. The Ecology Global Network places the current estimate of the world’s cat population anywhere between 600 and 1 billion.

The most typical kitten litter size is four to six, however, first-time mothers may have a smaller litter.