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Best horizontal cat scratchers

5 Best Horizontal Cat Scratchers in 2023

Esme WatsonSep 20, 202314 min read

Are you tired of your fluffy companion scratching up your furniture? Do you want to provide your cat with a designated space to stretch and exercise? Look no further than horizontal cat scratchers! These innovative pieces of cat furniture not only offer a fun outlet for your cat’s scratching instincts, but they also protect your valuable belongings. In this article, we will explore the positive aspects of horizontal cat scratchers,…

Best triangle cat scratchers

5 Best Triangle Cat Scratchers in 2023

Esme WatsonSep 19, 202310 min read

Every cat owner is aware of the importance of having a decent cat scratcher to keep your feline friend amused and your furniture free of scratches. What if, however, we told you that there is a type of cat scratcher…

Best couch cat scratcher

5 Best Couch Cat Scratchers in 2023

Esme WatsonSep 18, 202311 min read

As a cat owner, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of seeing your prized furniture in shambles as a result of your feline friend’s clawing habits. Cats are hardwired to scratch, and while changing this behavior can be difficult, there is…

Best flower cat scratching posts

8 Best Flower Cat Scratching Posts in 2023

Esme WatsonSep 17, 202314 min read

Welcome to a world of style, utility, and feline-friendly furniture with our carefully chosen collection of the Best Flower Scratching Posts. We recognize how important it is to protect your beautiful furniture while still catering to your cat’s natural scratching…

Best scratching posts with hammock

8 Best Cat Scratching Posts with Hammock in 2023

Esme WatsonSep 16, 202314 min read

Picture your cat basking in the sun, lazily swaying in a hammock, while also sharpening its claws on a scratching post. It sounds like a dream come true, right? That’s precisely what a cat scratching post with a hammock offers.…